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304 pages

Standard Catalog of Cadillac 1903-2005

Creator: John Gunnell | Transportation - 2005-03-05

Aluminum wheels for Eldorado/Seville ($429). Locking wire wheels for DeVille/ Brougham ($860). Turbine-vaned wheel covers for DeVille ($77). ... 1983 Cadillac , Fleetwood Brougham sedan 1983 Cadillac, Fleetwood Eldorado Biarritz, ...

Publisher: Krause Pubns Inc

About this book
This book is the ultimate package for any Cadillac owner or enthusiast! Following the highly regarded tradition of the Standard series, Standard Catalog of Cadillacoffers complete coverage of every model ever produced by Cadillac, making it the most comprehensive reference available - and now, it's in full color! Featuring a year-by-year breakdown of models, with specifications, production figures, options, historical footnotes documenting the evolution of the classic luxury vehicles, and up-to-date pricing, Caddy enthusiasts get the most comprehensive coverage available. No other reference combines all this information into one book. Complete coverage of every Cadillac ever produced 500 full color photos Lists specifications, production figures, options, historical footnotes and pricing

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Technology & Engineering - 1996

Our complete line include* many Buick ami Chevrolet models as icelt as several models of Cadillac. Pontiac, and Oldsmobile. ... IN 46140 Phone 317-462-3124: FAX 317-462-8891 Buick wire wheels and spinners. Fit 1953-57.

233 pages

The Cadillac that followed me home, memoir of a V-16 dream realized

Creator: Christopher W. Cummings | Transportation - 2006-09

... turned out to be a Cadillac Fleetwood convertible coupe (“cabriolet”) with a V-8 engine (only an eight—rats!) ... Blaylock had hired a blacksmith to weld 20- inch truck rims onto the Cadillac's wire wheels so he could use truck tires.

Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc Pub

About this book
The Cadillac V-16 was conceived in secrecy in the middle of the Roaring Twenties, when incomes were rising, prosperity seemed endless and the car business was beginning to break from a traditional emphasis on function over form. But by the time the Cadillac V-16 reached showrooms in 1930, the nation was falling headlong into the Great Depression, and it soon became a rare relic of the boom before the crash. That is why in the mid1960s, when Christopher Cummings was an adolescent car enthusiast, the oldest Cadillac V-16s were a dream just out of reach. This memoir tells the story of a boy who grew up loving cars, learned everything he could about them, and acquired quite a few impressive models for himself, while always looking forward to the day he would, by surprising circumstance, find the automobile of his dreams. Early chapters reveal the adventure Cummings underwent renovating his first car at age 13. Over the course of his teenage years he would work to acquire three classic Cadillacs: a 1941 Cadillac Series 7523 seven-passenger touring sedan, a 1941 Cadillac Series 61 coupe, and a 1931 Cadillac Series 355A Fleetwood Cabriolet. Later chapters recount the painstaking effort he put into renovating and maintaining those coveted vehicles. The story culminates with Cummings unexpected acquisition of the car that earned the motto Standard of the World, the 1930 V-16 Imperial Sedan limousine. In all, this memoir bears witness to an elegant sample of the best that the Classic era of automotive history had to offer.

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