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880 pages

Routledge Spanish Technical Dictionary: Inglés-español

Creator: Routledge | 1997-02-14

... hot vi mech eng calentarse; - light vi mech eng marchar en vacío; - off vi air transp descarrilar, salirse de; ... alignment n air transp orientación de pista /; —alignment indicator n air transp indicador de orientación de pista m; ...

Publisher: Psychology Press

About this book
"I believe that this dictionary is indispensable for the Spanish translator who needs a good, up-to-date, one-volume technical dictionary." -- ATA Chronicle (July 1997) Available on its wn or as part of a two-volume set, the acclaimed Spanish-English volume of the Spanish Technical Dictionary covers over 70 subject areas.

1203 pages

Appleton's new Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary (successor to Velázquez's abridged dictionary), containing more than four thousand modern words and twenty thousand acceptations, idioms, and technical terms not in the latest edition of any similar work; with a pronouncing key and the fundamental tenses of irregular verbs

Creator: Arturo Cuyás | Foreign Language Study - 1918

luillo ; lo que tiene forma de herradura ; (zoo). ) Hmulo, cangrejo, horsetail ( jóreteii), s. cola de caballo. se whip ... hacer mucho calor : hot muetard, mostaza muy picante: hot blast, tiro de aire caliente: hot and heavy, (fain.) ...

909 pages

Aviation Terminology, Terminología Aeronáutica: English-Spanish, Spanish-English Aeronautical Dictionary = Diccionario Aeronáutico Inglés-Español, Español-Inglés

Creator: Jorge García de la Cuesta | 2003-09-17

Instrucciones de ~. Taxiing instructions. Solicito ~. Reauest taxi. rodamiento. Bearing. ~s elastoméricos. Elastomeric bearings. rodante. Rolliim. Bola ~. Rolling ball. Pasillo ~. Moving walkway. rodar -vb. Roll. Taxi. Wheel. ~ a pista .

Publisher: Diaz de Santos

Wheels Directory

La pista de Hot Wheels de tamaño real - YouTube
La famosa marca de carros de juguete Hot Wheels formó conmoción en Los Angeles cuando construyeron una pista para dos automóviles arreglados de tamaño ...

Pista para carrinhos Hot Wheels (Suspensa) - YouTube
Pista para carrinhos Hot Wheels suspensa construída com papelão, cola e fitilho.

Autorama / Pista hot wheels pistas - Preços no Buscapé
Tudo sobre Autorama / Pista hot wheels pistas no Buscapé. Compare produtos e preços, confira dicas e economize tempo e dinheiro ao comprar! Confira opiniões de ...

Pista Hot Wheels no
Pista de Percurso Manual Desafio na Torre Mattel Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels - Track Builder - Mega Base - Mattel


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  • Mattel

    Hot Wheels T-Rex Takedown Playset

    Toy (Mattel)

    Rating (107 reviews):

    "Can I have that?"

    My grandson is 31/2, he loves dinosaurs and Hot Wheels. The T-Rex is a big favorite of his. This is a logical toy for him to want and to get. My grandson's has differences between the pictured item and what we purchased in a toy store. Our package has one car not two as shown. The car is a Land Rover type, not what you see here.Set up is not overly complex and the directions are about average. I had problems finding the slot for the tab a couple of times, nothing major but this slowed assembly.Once together, this is a sturdier item than the majority of Hot Wheels sets. We moved it w/o any problems. Play did not disassemble any parts either.Playability is above average. There are several ramps to send the car down, each is different and can be fun for a small child. The T-Rex, when set up, snaps up the car, talks and drops the car. The T-Rex has several different sayings which my grandson enjoys. We built a repertoire of responses to most of the T-Rez's sayings... 4/5 James W. Durney (Tampa Bay area) - See all my reviews, February 21, 2012

    Entertained my grandson for only 5 minutes.

    0 4/5 Trebor Torque - See all my reviews = Durability:, August 22, 2012

    Not what it's cracked up to be - don't buy

    0 4/5 Wendy - See all my reviews = Fun:, April 30, 2012
    List Price: $25.99
    Sneak out the back escape ramp through the hidden door
    Be careful or you might get trapped in T-Rex's mouth
    Beware of T-Rex in the fun filled Hot Wheels adventure
    The perfect Hot Wheels play set that sparks great imaginative play
    Playset includes cannon launcher and 1 Hot Wheels vehicle

  • Mattel

    Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown Trackset

    Toy (Mattel)
    List Price: $19.99

    Attach set to existing Hot Wheels tracks to expand your racing world
    Hit the release lever to launch any captured cars into safety
    Avoid getting trapped in the shark's chomping jaws as you race down the ramp from the top of the tower
    Set features two color-change zones - a dunk tank and splash pool
    Sharkport Showdown play set comes with a Color Shifters car

  • Mattel

    Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem Trackset

    Toy (Mattel)

    Rating (257 reviews):


    My husband ordered this product for my son's birthday. Unfortunately my husband isn't one to read reviews so when I checked the reviews on here I became concerned.Pros:-My son AND daughter love it. They will giggle and crack up if the cars crash.-Set up was fairly easy.Cons:-4 'D' batteries!-Only comes with one car, though my son has so many cars that we easily found others that will work for the track. Weight had a lot to do with it. If the car is too heavy it won't even go around the loop. If it's too light it won't make it around the whole track.-LOUD!!! Just turning the toy on is loud enough, but once those cars start going around the loop it gets much, much louder. So if you are looking for a quiet toy, this is not it! Our kids have a time frame in which they can play with this, and it starts after Mommy has had her coffee!It looks like the cons outweigh the pros, but the number 1 pro is that my kids love it! They... 4/5 Bad Wolf (Portland, OR) - See all my reviews = Durability:, October 12, 2012

    What the...!?

    What the heck? This only comes with one car? C'mon man! Another car would have probably been about twenty-five cents in manufacturing costs. For what this toy costs, there should have been two cars, especially since it is a two car track. Sheeesh, I already have to buy some D cell batteries to make it work. Give me another car!Anyway, the thing does go together easy enough. It works well, but some cars don't work as well as others. About a billion years ago, I had some of these Hot Wheels car "thrower" things and they pushed a car better than this toy does. But this thing works, I just think it could be a bit better. Anyway, crashing is fun. It is noisy, but not terribly so. Everything seems like it will last awhile.So, the faults are this:1. For the price, it should come with two cars.2. The launchers work, but are a bit weak, so some cars (lighter weight cars) work better than others.The good thing stuff:... 4/5 Terry L (USA) - See all my reviews = Durability:, November 20, 2012

    A let down

    0 5/5 Seafan - See all my reviews = Durability:, August 25, 2012
    List Price: $44.99
    Play alone or with friends - up to 6 cars can race
    Two huge loops, 6 crash zones and 10 feet of track make this the ultimate set
    Only the fastest will survive this track
    Includes track set and 1 die-cast car
    Control the speeding cars that get released from the loops with 2 levers

  • Mattel

    Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer Track Set

    Toy (Mattel)

    Rating (60 reviews):

    Big disappointment. Purchased for my 5-yr-old son and it seemed ...

    0 1/5 Scylla - See all my reviews This review is from: Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer Track Set (Toy) Big disappointment. Purchased for my 5-yr-old son and it seemed neat, but the dragon "fire" doesn't shoot and, worse yet, the extremely flimsy design and a track lip means that the dragon is very hard click down into place. It takes 5 tries or more to get the dragon "bite track" into place and when it finally clicks down, it's usually uneven. Waaaay too much fiddling required. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , November 9, 2014

    Factory Reject

    0 1/5 Thurston County Roads - See all my reviews This review is from: Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer Track Set (Toy) This was on the shelf at a major store so I just assumed we were getting a good product.Poor quality. Keeps falling apart. Very disappointed.My 4 year old grandson patiently tries to play with this toy. He constantly has to ask for help putting it back together.Not sure I want to buy another Hot Wheel product.Hate is such a strong word. But I can only give it one star. Unless, of course, I don't have to give it any stars. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , December 29, 2013

    Great gft

    0 5/5 Joan of Ark - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer Track Set (Toy) My nine year old grandson was extremely happy with this. He and his brother spent hours with it. Good for the price 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , January 12, 2014
    List Price: $19.99
    Take the dragon out with the launcher and save the day
    Save Hot Wheels City from the evil dragons
    Includes set with removable dragon, truck-style launcher, fireball and 1 die-cast vehicle
    Watch out for the shooting fireball and avoid the dragon
    Two different tracks feature fantastical thrills

  • Mattel

    Hot Wheels Sky Jump Track Set

    Toy (Mattel)
    List Price: $41.99

    Get ready for total mayhem
    Great gift idea any kid will love
    Toss cars in, watch them fly, race, crash and get spit out of the fiery pit
    Includes Sky Jump Track Set and 1 Hot wheels Vehicle
    Launch into a super huge jump with this motorized track set

  • Mattel

    Hot Wheels: Gorilla Attack Track Racing Set

    Toy (Mattel)

  • Hot Wheels

    Hot Wheels Speed Racer Sky Jump Track Set

    Toy (Hot Wheels)
    List Price: $53.99

    Prepare for the ultimate stunt jump that catapults the cars high into the air, and then shoots them back around the track
    Cannot be used with some of the Hot Wheels vehicles
    Capture the thrill of the final grand prix race
    The Speed Racer Grand Prix track set is all about crashing and huge jumping and stunting
    Comes with one Mach 6 vehicle

  • Mattel

    Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Trackset

    Toy (Mattel)
    List Price: $44.99

    Expand your world of Wall Tracks and build more stunts and action all over your walls
    Includes 1 die-cast Hot Wheels car, 3M Command Strips and easy instruction poster
    Can be used alone or connected to other Wall Tracks sets to increase the fun
    Wall Tracks is a wall mounted track play system
    Hot Wheels Wall Tracks brings stunts, speed, turns and tricks to new heights