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53 pages

Old West Collection of Woodworking Pattern Books, Working wagon wheels


63 pages

Wagon Wheels West, Or, How the West was Fun

Musicals - 1992

ARlZONA KlD: l keep that trail real good, Smiling Slade. l make sure it's always blocked with boulders and stones and rocks and tree stumps and old wagon parts and broken saddles and grease buckets and three-legged skillets and coffee ...

Publisher: Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.

159 pages

Colonial Craftsmen, And the Beginnings of American Industry

Creator: Edwin Tunis | Business & Economics - 1999-06-17

Many a country blacksmith could build a satisfactory wagon or cart, but in towns some men devoted their whole time to the ... Modern farm wagons, pulled by tractors, often have small rubber-tired wheels that will turn under the body as the old ...

Publisher: JHU Press

About this book
The vanished ways of colonial America's skilled craftsmen are vividly reconstructed in this superb book by Edwin Tunis. With incomparable wit and learning, and in over 450 meticulous drawings, the author describes the working methods and products, houses and shops, town and country trades, and individual and group enterprises by which the early Americans forged the economy of the New World.In the tiny coastal settlements, which usually sprang up around a mill or near a tanyard, the first craftsmen set up their trades. The blacksmith, cooper, joiner, weaver, cordwainer, and housewright, working alone or with several assistants, invented their own tools and devised their own methods. Soon they were making products that far surpassed their early models: the American ax was so popular that English ironmongers often labeled their own axes "American" to sell them more readily. In the town squares a colonist could have his bread baked to order, bring in his wig to be curled, have his eyeglasses ground, his medicine prescription filled, or buy snuff for his many pocket boxes. With the thriving trade in "bespoke" or made-to-order work, fine American styles evolved; many of these are priceless heirlooms now—the silverware of Paul Revere and John Coney, redware and Queensware pottery, Poyntell hand-blocked wallpaper, the Kentucky rifle, Conestoga wagon, and the iron grillework still seen in some parts of the South. The author discusses in detail many of the trades which have since developed into important industries, like papermaking, glassmaking, shipbuilding, printing, and metalworking, often reconstructing from his own careful research the complex equipment used in these enterprises.The ingenious, liberty-loving artisans left few written records of their work, and only Mr. Tunis, with his painstaking attention to authentic detail and his vast knowledge, could present such a complete treasury of the way things were done before machines obliterated this phase of early American life.

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Michael DeFreitas / | Canada, British Columbia | Old wagon wheel in historic old gold town Barkersville, British Columbia, Canada.
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Old wagon wheel in historic old gold town 3 playing cards

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Michael DeFreitas / | Canada, British Columbia | Old wagon wheel in historic old gold town Barkersville, British Columbia, Canada.
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Rock Me Momma Like a Wagon Wheel T-Shirt

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This was inspired by the Old Crow Medicine Show Song. I wanted to give this shirt with the text on it for a special girlfriend's birthday. I couldn't find an existing design that looked "classy" or "feminine" so I had to do my own design and invent the "wheel" (no pun intend).
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Invitation. Gray Brick Wall Photo - Graduation. Add your photo and your text to this trendy graduation invitation party card. 100% Customizable. The design will be printed EXACTLY like you see it on the screen and on the please make sure when you do your changes on the resizing of any of the graphics or text that it fits in the areas correctly and that your spelling and wording is how you like it to be in size, color and font. Photographs provided by ©Burnttoast Photography
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