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84 pages

Popular Science


Still, the TT is arguably the most sophisticated engineering effort, with a turbocharged and intercooled engine and all-wheel drive. Going in, the Corvette had the clear power edge. Chevrolet calls the Z06 the best-performing Corvette ...

About this book
Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

256 pages

How to Restore and Modify Your Corvette, 1968-1982

Creator: Richard Newton | 1995-11-03

When they get to that point, the alignment shop can't get the front wheels pointed properly. ... Corvette power steering uses three main components. First, there's the power-steering pump, which is driven by a belt off the crankshaft ...

Publisher: Motorbooks

About this book
Hands-on restoration tips that emphasize mechanical modifications for improved reliability and performance. This extremely thorough guide walks you through the finer points of modifying and restoring all 1968-82 Corvette models. Invaluable information for every Corvette owner and enthusiast.

192 pages

The Corvette Factories, Building America's Sports Car

Creator: Mike Mueller | 2009-11-16

Wheels and tires go on after all front bodywork is mounted, and the final touch involves the fixing of the front emblem before the finished product is driven off the line under its own power. Wheel balance is confirmed and the car is ...

Publisher: Motorbooks

About this book
In its nearly six decades, Chevrolet’s Corvette--America’s only sportscar--has been produced in just three factories, first in St. Louis and now in Bowling Green.  This book is the first to offer an up-close view of the process of building an automotive legend.  From the rudimentary hand-formed fiberglass bodies in the St. Louis factory, to the state of the art production on the modern line in Bowling Green, The Corvette Factories takes readers through the story of the Corvette’s evolution as the world’s performance benchmark.  Detailed archival photographs and the latest images provide a unique behind-the-scenes look at the Corvette as an exemplar of General Motors’ most advanced technology.  Indispensable to Corvette fans and sportscar aficionados, this volume is also a critical chapter of automotive history.

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Power Wheels® Corvette® - Fisher-Price
This year, GM introduced the 2014 Corvette Seventh Generation---a stunning machine with the aesthetic impact and performance prowess worthy of the Stingray emblem. Power Wheels Corvette: Toys & Games
Put your child behind the wheel in a vehicle that looks this good and performs this well, and self-confidence is bound to take off! The new Power Wheels Corvette also ...

Corvette Wheels, Corvette Rims, and Wheel Accessories at ...
Browse our large selection of Corvette Replica Wheels and Tires in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. We offer a selection of styles

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Corvette 12-Volt Battery Powered ...
Purchase the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Corvette 12-Volt Battery Powered Ride-On, Red at an always low price from Save money. Live better.

How to Change Radio Batteries in a Black Power Wheels Corvette
The Power Wheel Corvette runs off of a 12 volt rechargeable battery. However, the radio that is on the corvette, runs off of a different set of batteries.


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  • Fisher-Price

    Power Wheels Corvette

    Toy (Fisher-Price)

    Rating (27 reviews):

    Head turner!

    My 4 year old son got the yellow version Corvette (Costco) for Christmas. This thing looks sharp with the replica Stingray styling and chrome colored wheels. We started him out with the gear locked at 3mph which is great for learning on your average driveway and sidewalks. Having never driven a powered vehicle, he caught on surprisingly fast (he only hit the house once). He drove on both grass and asphalt surfaces with no problems other than when he tried going up a steeper incline on the grass, the tires spun and couldn't get traction. Not 100% sure about the plastic(?) tires. They spin every time you accelerate from a stopped position. It looks really cool but I hope that doesn't wear them out too quickly. There is one pedal for accelerating. When you lift your foot off the pedal, an internal brake is applied. After driving for 20-30 minutes in the low gear, we went to a small parking lot and I bumped him up to 6 miles an hour. The sounds of laughter and the look of... 5/5 Matthew F. Keedy - See all my reviews, December 31, 2013

    An Awesome gift...but could be a bit better

    0 4/5 Tobias G Miller - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Power Wheels Barbie Corvette (Toy) This is a great gift overall. And it is also a great value and I'm a very value oriented shopper. I bought one for each of my kids (4 1/2 & 5 yrs). They've had soooo much fun and don't seem to be getting tired of driving these around. My one suggestion to the company is to please either sell them will rubber tires or sell an upgrade with rubber tires. The hard plastic is OK but real tires would grip much better and provide a nicer ride. We would certainly pay extra if they were available. Having said that, this is a great toy!!! 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , January 13, 2014

    Dalton loves it

    0 5/5 Ginny Caesar - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Power Wheels Corvette (Toy) I bought this for my grandson in Texas. According to my daughter, Dalton slept in it overnight waiting for it to charge. He loves it; that's good enough for me. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , January 9, 2014
    List Price: $274.99
    Includes 12-volt battery and charger. Long-lasting battery charge
    Styled just like the Seventh-Generation Corvette
    Two speeds: 6mph (and 3mph) forward, 3 mph reverse
    Drives on hard surfaces and grass
    Features Power Lock brakes and shiny "chrome" wheels

  • Power Wheels

    12v Power Wheels Black Corvette

    Single Detail Page Misc (Power Wheels)

    Rating (1 reviews):
    Power Wheels

    Power wheel

    0 1/5 9741361 - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: 12v Power Wheels Black Corvette When I order this item i found it on sale in so many places 100.00$ lower when I asked for price Mach or return it they made it so complicated to refund finally I give up and decide to do not shop with them any more . 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , May 16, 2014
    Stylish chrome details Seat belts
    Seat belts Sound box for vehicle sounds
    Ages 3 and up 65 lb weight limit
    2 Forward speeds and reverse Top forward speed 6 mph

  • Fisher-Price

    Fisher-Price Power Wheels Corvette Stingray 12-Volt Battery Powered Ride-On, Red

    Toy (Fisher-Price)
    List Price: $599.99
    Price: $284.46
    You Save: $315.53 (53%)

  • Fisher Price

    Power Wheels 12V - Deluxe Corvette Black

    Toy (Fisher Price)

  • Fisher-Price

    Power Wheels 12-Volt Charger

    Toy (Fisher-Price)
    List Price: $40.99
    Price: $22.95
    You Save: $18.04 (44%)

    Solid green: 100% charged Flashing red: Error-wrong or dead battery.
    Solid red light: Charging Flashing green: Quick charge complete-ready for use!
    Built-in battery charge indicator lets you know when it's ready for use.
    Read the enclosed instruction booklet for important information before use
    Quick...and easy!

  • Fisher-Price

    Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Battery

    Toy (Fisher-Price)

    Rating (611 reviews):

    Batteries work fine

    0 5/5 DadOf3 (NY) - See all my reviews = Durability:, April 20, 2009

    I should have listened to the feedback and not bought it

    THIS WAS A BUST. I purchased this to replace the original battery that came with my daughter's Barbie Jeep. The original battery lasted about 3 years and worked very well before running out of juice. I read several reviews that concerned me saying that the replacement battery went dead very very quickly. Well, that's exactly what happened to me . . . I read and followed the instructions closely, in terms of how long to charge initially, and then subsequent charging as well. We got about 3 charges out of it, and that's it. I ended up throwing away the Jeep, and I'm taking this battery and the original battery to the dump, where they have a station to recycle old batteries. Amazon cannot take this product back . . since it is a hazardous material (acid), but, kudos to them, they credited me the purchase right away. I don't know what to tell you on this one . . . it could be the batteries they have are old shelf batteries; it could be something wrong with our Jeep itself... 4/5 J. Clarke (Virginia) - See all my reviews, September 22, 2009

    Does what it is supposed to

    0 5/5 Homemaker "Mom of 3" (Rockford, IL) - See all my reviews = Durability:, May 8, 2010
    List Price: $69.99
    Price: $42.79
    You Save: $27.20 (39%)
    Use only with approved Power Wheels vehicles of the appropriate type specified
    Designed to fulfill rigorous Power Wheels requirements in order to provide the best possible performance
    Includes a internal, self-resetting fuse
    Can only use with Fisher-Price Power Wheels Advanced Series vehicles which have a Type 12V battery system
    Comes with an instruction booklet containing important safety information

  • Fisher-Price

    Power Wheels 6-Volt Rechargeable Battery

    Toy (Fisher-Price)
    List Price: $32.99
    Price: $25.19
    You Save: $7.80 (24%)

    Item is Hazmat and non-returnable
    Use only with approved Power Wheels vehicles of the appropriate type specified
    Can only use with Fisher-Price Power Wheels Advanced Series vehicles which have a Type 6V battery system
    Designed to fulfill rigorous Power Wheels requirements in order to provide the best possible performance
    Thermal fuse included

  • Power Wheels

    Power Wheels 12 Volt Corvette - Blue

    Toy (Power Wheels)
    List Price: $329.85
    Price: $287.88
    You Save: $41.97 (13%)

    They're built Fisher-Price tough and they're backed by a comprehensive One Year Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty. Before they're produced, Power Wheels vehicles are put to the test by kids, both in the Fisher-Price onsite Play Lab and through the Fisher-Price in-home test program, to make sure they're age-appropriate, easy to operate, and of course, fun
    The Corvette is the fastest Power Wheels vehicle in the line with 3mph and 6mph max forward and 3 mph reverse, it has 12 Volt battery system. It features the same cool, sporty, realistic styling and detailing like the new, real Corvette.
    We've got wheels for every driver, ages 12 months & up. From a Customer Service standpoint, Power Wheels has an extensive network of more than 300 nationwide Authorized Service Centers.
    It features a comfortable single seat, sporty chrome wheels, clear headlight lenses and a hood that opens! So why choose Power Wheels? The first Power Wheels vehicles came rolling along in 1971.
    More than 30 years later and with over 25 million vehicles on the road to date, Power Wheels continues to be the #1 battery-powered vehicle brand in the business. Every Power Wheels vehicle is designed, manufactured and tested to the highest standards, meeting precise specifications and rigorous laboratory tests.



    Automotive Parts and Accessories (GM CHEVROLET CHEVY CORVETTE)

    "1963 Corvette Assembly Manual" This reprinted manual gives you assembly illustrations down to the last nut, bolt and screw. It shows exploded views of nearly every part of the car, and includes part group numbers. Use this manual to help you disassemble or reassemble parts of your car, and or to help identify parts that may be missing or incorrect. The book contains production and regular production option information. That means that you get information on the base model all the way up to "fully loaded." You will find illustrations for body assembly & mounting, frame, front & rear suspension, brakes, engine, transmission, fuel & exhaust, steering, wheels & tires, sheet metal, electrical, radiator & grille, bumpers, and much more. You'll see how the engine, brakes, & transmission are mounted in the car, but you won't find exploded views of the inside of those parts.You will also find accessories and options such as the radio & speakers, heater, power lift windows, and much more. There are exploded views and illustrations on just about every one of the book's 344 pages, with wiring diagrams, torque specifications, and handwritten revision records. This manual covers the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette only. Like all assembly manuals, this is reproduced from a book made for use inside the factory, and never intended for the public. Therefore, the print (like the print in original assembly manuals) is occasionally light. This is the best quality print available, Over 1/2" thick stack of unbound pages -- New. Go on and tear that car apart! A winning bid will put it back together.
    1963 Corvette Factory Assembly Manual 63 Exploded Views Chevy Chevrolet

  • myLife Brand Products

    myLife (TM) Ink Black with Bronze Studs {Glamorous Design} Faux Leather (Card, Cash and ID Holder + Magnetic Closing + Hand Strap) Slim Wallet for the iPhone 5C Smartphone by Apple (External Textured Synthetic Leather with Magnetic Clip + Internal Secure Snap In Hard Rubberized Bumper Holder + Lifetime Warranty) "MORE INFO: This lightweight iPhone 5C wallet is made of durable and high quality synthetic leather and is designed to fit the iPhone 5C only. The leather itself is textured to prevent the wallet from slipping out of your hand while being handled. This wallet comes with a magnetic clasp."

    Wireless (myLife Brand Products)

    IMPORTANT FEATURES AND DESIGN: This wallet has a magnetic clasp. This wallet comes with a durable easy grip faux leather that prevents your iPhone 5C phone from slipping out of your hands yet will not latch onto the material of your pocket. This means you can slide the wallet in and out of your pocket with ease and keep your phone from slipping out of your hands. Keep your iPhone 5C usable and protected in style with this duo-shield hybrid Case Constructed from smooth, treated silicone that resists dirt and stains.
    WARRANTY AND PACKAGING: This case will come sealed in the packaging authorized by myLife Brand Products only regardless of what condition it is being sold in. All myLife (TM) products are sold exclusively by myLife Brand Products. Any products being offered by other vendors are fake and not authentic myLife products and do not come with our lifetime warranty! Please remember that we offer a True Lifetime Warranty on all our products. Our myLife (TM) Warranty is good for one free replacement during the course of the original buyers life. Our warranty is guaranteed if your purchase has any manufacturer defects that occur during your ownership of this product. Please see our Customer Reviews page for more details.
    MATERIALS AND DESIGN: This wallet is made of durable yet flexible synthetic leather and comes with a hard plastic interior snap in piece that keeps the iPhone 5C in place while inside. The unique combination of hard plastic and soft yet durable synthetic leather material gives this case an unmatched look. This high quality faux leather wallet for the iPhone 5C durable. Also note that no parts of this are made of toxic or hazardous materials. Our manufacturers are all subject to strict standards enforced by our business and their local governments.
    COMPATIBILITY: It is important to note that the iPhone 5C is for sale from the following carriers; Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, U.S. Cellular, Cricket and Unlocked or International version. This case is compatible with each of the models of iPhone 5C's offered by all carriers mentioned. This case is compatible with the following iPhone 5C models; A1529, A1507, A1456, A1532, A1532 and the unlocked or international iPhone 5C. This case is also compatible with each color of iPhone 5C phone on the market today. WARNING: This wallet will NOT fit any phone other than the iPhone 5C by Apple. Will not fit the iPhone 5 or 5S!
    COLOR: This wallet comes in a deep high quality color that will last the life of your iPhone 5C smartphone because the color is fused with the material itself. This guarantees that fading does not occur.