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210 pages

Super Stock, Drag Racing the Family Sedan

Creator: Larry Davis | Sports & Recreation - 2010

For the first time, the Borg-Warner T-10 4-speed transmission, factory available in the Chevy since 1958, was now available throughout the Pontiac line. Pontiac introduced 8-lug aluminum wheels which saved about 80 lbs. (20 pounds on each wheel) over the standard steel wheels. The big Pontiacs weighed in excess of ...

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
Without a doubt, the most popular classes in drag racing are the feature cars that the Average Joe has a chance to drive and afford. In the early and mid-60s, this era was especially interesting as the cars that people were racing were muscle cars right off the showroom floor. Super Stock takes a look at what was the most popular class of drag racing - factory Super Stock. It traces the evolution of the cars, the engines, the rules, the personalities, and many of the teams, from its beginnings in the mid-1950s through to the 1960s and the era of the Super Stock 409s, Ramchargers, 421 Pontiacs, and 406 Fords. This was a time when Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors competed on a weekly basis at local drag strips throughout the country, and the saying “ on Sunday, sell on Monday...” had real significance in the marketplace. This is also the period that saw emergence of the term “musclecar” and the production of a whole class of American automobiles - which are now the most sought after by collectors, restorers, and performance enthusiasts. This affordable edition of Super Stock: Drag Racing the Family Sedan is a paperback release of the original best -selling hardcover edition. It includes all the same first-person accounts of what drag racing was really like in the early 1960s, how the manufacturers controlled the competition and the results of the races, and how the sanctioning bodies attempted to control the manufacturers, who in turn simply sidestepped the rules. Appendices include all of the major event winners and the rules defining the classes as well as information detailing the engines and chassis competing in Top Stock categorie

Sears Catalog

Creator: Sears, Roebuck and Company | Manufactures - 1978

Durable Steel Wheels for Truck Tires on these two pages Catalog Number|Wi_ lbs. ... All are nght-hand turning lug nuts. ORDERING INFO: Chrome ... Number lbs t*en ' rton vehicle— ie.8 «8 25 wheel tor 10 and 12-ieStir.t Chevy. SMC lexc ...

Lawn, Garden and Farm Catalog

Farm equipment - 1978

3 Balance your wheels In the time It take* to change a rirel FEATURES: Increases brake and tire mileage; provides early ... ring gears are of heat-treated and wear- resistant steeL. ... 51.98 For Rauchet o, El Camino 1972—76. 161 FX 92017 K- Shlp. wt. 8 lbs. 3 ox. 51.98 For wide box 8-ft. 1er« Ford, Chevy ... 8-lug wheels \ except Dodge 4900 dual type wheel« J 61 FX 23026 FOtD 1967-77 AU Wim 14- ln.

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8-10 Lug Dually Wheel Adapters
8-to-10 Lug Dually Wheel Adapter (10x285mm) ONLY $849.99/set of 4. The 8-to-10-lug dually adapter allows you to mount 10-lug semi wheels on your truck.

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USA Made Dually Wheel Adapters
8-to-10 Lug Dually Wheel Adapter (10x285mm) ONLY $849.99/set of 4. The 8-to-10-lug dually adapter allows you to mount 10-lug semi wheels on your truck.


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