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American Bee Journal

Bee culture - 1898

THE ELECTRIC HANDY WAGON with its broad i'nccd. slugger spoke, it is low and can -ou wish to haul. ... if any man needs a reliablc wagon MEDY ? to load- no high lift. in the fields or on the roarl~runs , low. steel wheels is clearly the ... Being the ollanolt is usually workoc tho quickest or any Foundation mods J. A. VAN DEUBBNBola Manufacturer ... Mr. Staple's tool is about %-lnch wide and 4 inches long. with a wooden handle. ... 16 to 18. inclusive. at rate “$19.00 for the round trip.

About this book
Includes summarized reports of many bee-keeper associations.

English Mechanic and World of Science


Lathes. for am'iteurs and mechanics, second—haul, cheap, drilling machines, chucks, tools, dro—Nails", below. Lessons in Plain ... Orders to Be mods mulls! 1'" Brasiin ... Taps. round and hexagon, special steel, brass. and iron rods. See List.

The American Agriculturist

Agriculture - 1870

312—Long Rows in. ... 47-18-209—Whnt is the it utter? 367. ... Housekeeping Conveniences“ . . .16s Housekrei'iing Conveniences—Rims on. ... Cast-Iron and Steel. .... 409—Pcnt. How farto haul it for.4. .... 4 Papers — American I- lntoniolpgist.

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