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Chevy truck 4-speed

Chevy truck 4-speed transmission with granny gear - Bookshelf

224 pages

How to Restore Your Chevrolet Pickup

Creator: Tom Brownell | 2004-07-25

Transmissions Just about all the big trucks from 1947 to 1967 had the same 4- speed manual transmission — the venerable Muncie SM420. Because of its granny gear (for getting heavy loads moving) and rugged construction, ...

Publisher: Motorbooks

About this book
A new edition of one of our more popular how-to titles, incorporating an attractive design, significantly updated text, and full-color photography. This is a step-by-step restoration guide for all Chevy light-duty trucks from 1928 onwards.Updates include:- Upgrading to power steering- Pressure oiling for "Stovebolt" six and electronic fuel injection upgrades- New information on disc brakes and power brakes- Updated suppliers listing.

132 pages

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My truck desperately needs a stump-puller low gear. When hauling an eight-foot camper, it won't start moving if there's the slightest grade. It's equipped with a four-speed overdrive manual transmission with a 3.09-to-l low-gear ratio.

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Automotive news

Business & Economics - 1979-10

8 / Automotive News, November 19, 1979 KTP builds millionth big truck Philip Caldwell, center, president, .... stick Fuller transmission that offers driver simplicity in shifting operations, and features a “granny gear” with 20.90 to 1 ...

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