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Remedy for frozen tires in the

Remedy for frozen tires in the snow - Bookshelf

134 pages

Popular Science


I know because I journeyed to Arctic Circle proving grounds twice last winter to test the cure on frozen lakes in ... Obviously, this milestone in automotive safety goes far beyond the old winter-driving home remedies — snow tires, ...

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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

204 pages

Snow Country


10¢k them again-” 7, Studded tires [where legal] or even good snow tires make a huge difference in handling and are ... It's hard not to smile when you're spinning around a frozen river. The first thing Denise notices when she takes the ...

About this book
In the 87 issues of Snow Country published between 1988 and 1999, the reader can find the defining coverage of mountain resorts, ski technique and equipment, racing, cross-country touring, and the growing sport of snowboarding during a period of radical change. The award-winning magazine of mountain sports and living tracks the environmental impact of ski area development, and people moving to the mountains to work and live.

26 pages

Snow and ice control, guidelines for materials and methods

Creator: Robert R. Blackburn, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials | Technology & Engineering - 2004

cal treatment will achieve higher LOS than those who provide only mixtures of chemicals and abrasives or no ... Tires compact snow, abrade it, displace, or disperse it. Heat from tire friction, engine, and the exhaust system can add ...

Publisher: Transportation Research Board National Research

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