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Don't Get Caught Driving the School Bus

Creator: Todd Strasser | Juvenile Fiction - 2000-01

Friends Kyle, Wilson, and Dusty have no fear about performing practical jokes and doing risky things since they never get caught, and when they set their sights on the school bus, their plan to take it for a spin is soon put into action- ...

Publisher: Turtleback

About this book
BUS-TED!WILSON: invents stuff -- and troubleDUSTY: can talk his way out of anythingKYLE: the nice guy no one ever suspectsTogether they bend every rule in school -- but they never get caught!Now there's a new driver on the bus route. Sarge used to work at a prison, and he treats all kids like they're criminals. But Wilson, Dusty, and Kyle can't take it. They'll show Sarge who's in charge!

Bus Transportation

Bus lines - 1956

411 Summit Av«., Jersey City i, N. J. 2— fN 510 Mack Engines am (for tola chtap) WANTED— DISCARDED GM7I Old Style & HV Series Injector Parts. Top Money Paid. Cassidy, 7120 Carnegie Avenue Cleveland 3, Ohio FOR SALE 2 - CM MACK'S "42, excellent running condition, bodies ... BUS SEATS Complete line of recliner seats e CITY SERVICE e METROPOLITAN • SCHOOL BUS SEATS All other ...

208 pages

Men in the Making

Creator: Bruce Machart | Fiction - 2011-10-25

Jimmy moves into the right-hand lane around, best I can tell, about twenty-ve Mexican folk, so help me God, in one old beat-to-shit Ford Tempo. ... You'd think piñatas was on sale permanent. ... and he can see the kid down there, alive and wide-eyed and pinned beneath one of those bus seats that's come loose in the crash.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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