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105 pages

High Rate, Rechargeable, Silver-Zinc Pile Type Battery


This report describes the work accomplished in the development of a high rate, rechargeable, silver-zinc, pile type battery for the contract period of 1 May 1974 through 1 May 1975.

About this book
This report describes the work accomplished in the development of a high rate, rechargeable, silver-zinc, pile type battery for the contract period of 1 May 1974 through 1 May 1975. This program is an extension of a preceding study contract, USAF F33615-73-C-2074, and consisted of utilizing component development data to establish processing, fabrication and performance capabilities for a multi-cell pile configuration. A modular system concept using basic 100 kw modules was retained to project accumulated pile test data into systems of the multi-megawatt power range. These studies demonstrated components could be processed and fabricated into submodules capable of assembly into a four megawatt, thirty second system of 3800 pounds and less than 20 cubic feet could be realized. (Author).

290 pages

Rechargeable Batteries Applications Handbook

Creator: Gates Energy Products | Computers - 1998-01-30

Rechargeable. Battery. History. 2.1.1 2.1.2 Batteries of one form or another have existed for nearly 200 years. ... The original voltaic pile used zinc and silver disks and a separator consisting of a porous nonconducting material saturated with ...

Publisher: Newnes

About this book
Represents the first widely available compendium of the information needed by those design professionals responsible for using rechargeable batteries. This handbook introduces the most common forms of rechargeable batteries, including their history, the basic chemistry that governs their operation, and common design approaches. The introduction also exposes reader to common battery design terms and concepts. Two sections of the handbook provide performance information on two principal types of rechargeable batteries commonly found in consumer and industrial products: sealed nickel-cadmium and sealed-lead cells. For each type of cell, this book covers discharge performance, charging and charger design, storage, life, applications information, testing, and safety.New paperback edition of a best-seller.First widely-available book on rechargeable cells.Operation, applications, and testing.

Basic Guide to Rechargeable Batteries, All About Rechargeable Batteries, Chargers and Recycling

Creator: Paul R. Wonning | House & Home -

All About Rechargeable Batteries, Chargers and Recycling Paul R. Wonning. October 11, 1745. Musschenbroek ... Known as a Voltaic pile, the device consisted of several copper and zinc paired discs. A brine soaked piece of cardboard or ...

Publisher: Mossy Feet Books

About this book
 Rechargeable batteries have a number of advantages over conventional batteries that offset their higher initial cost. The materials used to manufacture them are less toxic; making is easier to recycle the batteries. A wide variety of battery chargers is available to recharge them, with one sure to suit every need. Batteries have become a part of modern life. The number of products that rely on batteries for power is simply staggering. Everything from computers to phones to pacemakers has a battery as a power source. Many of these devices use batteries that are suitable for recharging. Recharging batteries makes both environmental and economic sense. By using rechargeable batteries there are fewer batteries going into the landfill. In addition, it makes economic sense to recharge batteries. Though the initial cost of a rechargeable battery is higher than a conventional battery, a rechargeable battery can take hundreds of recharges. Battery chargers for these batteries come in all types and price ranges. Some are quite inexpensive, while others pack a much larger price tag. By the time you finish this basic battery guide, you should know what kind of battery is best for you, as well as the best charger to suit your needs.rechargeable batteries, rechargeable battery charger, battery basics, battery book, battery charging, battery recycling, charging battery

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Voltaic pile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The voltaic pile was the first electrical battery that could continuously provide an electric current to a circuit. It was invented by Alessandro Volta, who published ...


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