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315 pages

Advanced Crime Scene Photography

Creator: Christopher D. Duncan | 2010-01-30

The 15-million candle watt power light sources are capable of painting extensive crime scenes, but they may be too strong for painting smaller or less far- reaching locations. A secondary benefit of possessing a very powerful spotlight ...

Publisher: CRC

About this book
The first pieces of evidence viewed by jurors are oftentimes the photographs recorded by the crime scene investigator. Professional and accurate photographic documentation is critical for creating lasting first impressions in the minds of a jury. Solving a range of photographic dilemmas and challenges, Advanced Crime Scene Photographyassists investigators in creating photographic evidence that is engaging, interesting, and informative, giving them greater credibility when testifying in court. Beginning with a review of basic photography principles, the book seamlessly integrates this information with corresponding applications in crime scene photography. Mindful of cost-saving concerns in most law enforcement agencies, it provides useful tips on creating compelling photographic presentations on a limited budget using everyday items in lieu of expensive equipment. It demonstrates how to photograph images used in identification, including fingerprint, footwear, and tirewear impressions; tool and bite marks; and bloodstain patterns. It also explores specialized topics such as nighttime and low-light photography, flash photography, painting with light techniques, the photography of Luminol reactions, laser trajectories, and ultraviolet and infrared light photography. Thinking outside of the box, analyzing photographic challenges, and determining the best way to record a particular composition are all keys to the successful capture of photographic images that will leave a lasting impression with the viewer. Advanced Crime Scene Photography helps photographers work through difficult compositions and capture truly outstanding pieces of photographic evidence.

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Biography & Autobiography - 1999-01

Never aim the SuperJet at people or pets The Nite Tracker - Cordless Power Tne Nite Tracker NOW 15 Million candles strong. 1.5 Million Candle Power The most powerful cordless rechargeable spotlight in the world. The 1.5 million candle ...

Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science

Creator: Illinois State Academy of Science | History - 2003

A portable million-candlepower rechargeable spotlight was used to illuminate crevices, girders, and beams to locate bats. ... RESULTS We found bats under 15 of the 232 bridges (6.5%) surveyed (Table 1). Four of the five types of bridges ...

About this book
Vol. 1 covers the organizational meeting, Springfield, Dec. 7, 1907, and the first regular meeting, Decatur, Feb. 22, 1908.

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