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What is macro for on stage

What is macro for on stage lighting - Bookshelf

332 pages

Sold on Radio, Advertisers in the Golden Age of Broadcasting

Creator: Jim Cox | Performing Arts - 2008-05-23

In a theatrical situation, by the time one has put a light source inside an instrument and bounced its light o› a reflector and ... MACRO—This is a computer lightboard term that refers to a series of keystrokes that are recorded into a playback unit ...

Publisher: McFarland

352 pages

A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting

Creator: Steven Louis Shelley | Performing Arts - 2013-05-02

Light Leak Little holes or vents in the housings of lighting instruments where light escapes into an otherwise dark environment. ... Also known as stage screen. ... Macro A recorded series of keystrokes or actions that performs a repeated effect.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

About this book
First Published in 2010. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

All Night by the Rose

Creator: Kevin Newman | Fiction - 2011-05-19

Damian flicks the switch on his macro-board and the stage lighting dances a merry jig in blues and yellows across the stage. After running his fingers idly along the treated pine framework of his equipment, he flips open his cell phone, dials ...

Publisher: Kevin Newman

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