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320 pages

Designing the modern interior, from the Victorians to today

Creator: Penny Sparke, Anne Massey, Trevor Keeble | Architecture - 2009-06-09

The modern interior has often been narrowly defined by the minimalist work of elite, reforming architects.

Publisher: Berg Publishers

About this book
Designing the Modern Interior reveals how the design of the inside spaces of our homes and public buildings is shaped by and shapes our modern culture.The modern interior has often been narrowly defined by the minimalist work of elite, reforming architects. But a shared modernising impulse, expressed in interior design, extends at least as far back as the Victorians and reaches to our own time. And this spirit of modernisation manifested itself in interiors, designed both by professionals and by amateurs, which did not necessarily look modern and often even aimed to imitate the past.Designing the Modern Interior presents a new history of the interior from the late 19th to the 21st century. Particular characteristics are consistent across this period: a progressive attitude towards technology; a hyper-consciousness of what it is to live in the present and the future; an overt relationship with the mass media, mass consumption and the marketplace; an emphasis on individualism, interiority and the 'self'; the construction of identities determined by gender, class, race, sexuality and nationhood; and the experiences of urban and suburban life. 

32 pages

What is Modern Interior Design?

Creator: Edgar Jr Kaufmann | Design - 1953

160 pages

Source, An Internet Directory of Modern Interior Design

Creator: Fay Sweet | Architecture - 2007-02-01

"Source provides maximum inspiration and information for anyone interested in design." Sweet writes. The book's layout is unique - opposite every page showing a stunning interior, there is a page of products.

Publisher: Quadrille Pub

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Trendy White Marble Makeup Artist Hair Salon Business Card

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Personalize a Business Card to be uniquely yours with this Trendy White Marble Makeup Artist Hair Salon - Modern Look template. (1) For further customization, please click the "Customize" button and use our design tool to modify this template. All text style, colors, sizes can be modified to fit your needs. (2) If you prefer thicker papers, you may consider to choose the Signature or Premium paper type. (3) If you need help or matching items, please contact me. (4) You can find Appointment Card Version here:
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Minimalist Modern Professional Square II Square Business Card

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Minimalist professional business card in square size. Featuring beautiful script, it's a great look for consultant, interior designer, makeup artist, hairstylist, professionals that have a minimalist style.
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Abstract Indigo Blue Brushstrokes Business Card

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Inky, indigo blue paint brushstrokes create an abstract backdrop on this designer business card template. Your name or business name is displayed in a faux gold box on the front for a modern aesthetic. This double-sided card allows ample room on the backside for your contact info. A fun, eye-catching card for creative professionals. Art and design © 1201AM Design Studio |
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Minimalist White Marble Gold Monogram Post-it Notes

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Coordinates with the Minimalist White Marble Gold Monogram Business Card Template by 1201AM. A white marble backdrop sets a beautiful tone on these personalized Post-it® Notes. Your initial and name or business name are elegantly styled in matte gold for a monogrammed logo effect. © 1201AM CREATIVE
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