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Memoria Del Ministerio Del Interior, 1906-1907

Creator: PARAGUAY, Republic of. Ministerio del Interior | 1908

184 pages

Creating Charismatic Bonds in Argentina, Letters to Juan and Eva Perón

Creator: Donna J. Guy | History - 2016-06-01

AGN, Archivo Intermedio, Ministerio del Interior Especial, 1949, Leg. 70.019. 5. AGN, Archivo Intermedio, Ministerio del Interior Especial, 1949, Leg. 21.042. 6. AGN, Archivo Intermedio, Ministerio del Interior Especial, 1949, Leg. 70.031 ...

Publisher: University of New Mexico Press

About this book
In collecting hundreds of letters to Juan and Eva by everyday people as well as from correspondence solicited by Juan Perón, this book promotes a view that charismatic bonds in Argentina have been formed as much by Argentines as by their leaders, demonstrating how letter writing at that time instilled a sense of nationalism and unity, particularly during the first Five Year Plan campaign conducted in 1946. It goes beyond the question of how charisma influenced elections and class affiliation to address broader implications. The letters offer a new methodology to study the formation of charisma in literate countries where not just propaganda and public media but also private correspondence defined and helped shape political polices. Focusing on the first era of Peronism, from 1946 to 1955, this work shows how President Perón and the First Lady created charismatic ways to link themselves to Argentine supporters through letter writing.

306 pages

Civilizing Argentina, Science, Medicine, and the Modern State

Creator: Julia Rodríguez | History - 2006

Memoria del Ministerio del Interior, 1880 (Buenos Aires: Imprenta Especial de Obras, 1881), 65-67; Memoria del Ministerio del Interior, 1901-1904 (Buenos Aires, 1904), 12. Memoria del Ministerio del Interior, 1901-1904, 11—13; Memoria del ...

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

About this book
After a promising start as a prosperous and liberal democratic nation at the end of the nineteenth century, Argentina descended into instability and crisis. This stark reversal, in a country rich in natural resources and seemingly bursting with progress a

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