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Ministerio del interior chile

Ministerio del interior chile - Bookshelf

110 pages

A list of books, magazine articles, and maps relating to Chile

Creator: Philip Lee Phillips, International Bureau of the American Republics | 1903

Memoria que el ministro de estado en el departamento del interior presenta al Congreso nacional de 1844. 4°. Santiago de Chile, 1844. Memoria del ministro del interior presentada al Congreso nacional de 1879. 8°.

The National union catalog, pre-1956 imprints, a cumulative author list representing Library of Congress printed cards and titles reported by other American libraries

Creator: Library of Congress, American Library Association. Committee on Resources of American Libraries. National Union Catalog Subcommittee | Language Arts & Disciplines - 1970

Dirección general de investigaciones. Chile. Ministerio del interior, servicios de agua potable yl/srección general de lo» Chile ... Project of law for a tax on public and hippodromes Chile. Ministerio del interior, pavimentación Chfle.

937 pages

Historical Dictionary of Chile

Creator: Salvatore Bizzarro | 2005

It lasted until 1930 when it became for eleven years the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores ... On its separation from the interior ministry, the Chilean foreign office added colonización (agricultural settlement) to its title , ...

Publisher: Scarecrow Pr

About this book
This new edition covers, in a concise and careful manner, major figures and political events, focusing especially on the contemporary period, specifically, events since the coup d'Etat of September 11, 1973. Historical Dictionary of Chile, Third Edition includes more than 3,000 dictionary entries covering history, politics, geography, economics, the environment, culture, and a myriad other topics that include writers, artists, playwrights, and important figures, many of which were not included in the previous edition. Also included are 24 photographs of the paintings of famous Latin American artists. The exhaustive and comprehensive bibliography, subdivided by topic and fully annotated, features more than 1,200 resources, including scholarly journals and monographs, official reports of the Chilean government and international organizations, documents obtained from the United States Congress, foreign and domestic newspapers, numerous periodicals, books, Internet sites, and interviews with Chileans who lived in exile and then returned to the country. Scholars, students, and general readers will find this book to be a wealth of information, covering every aspect of Chile.

Interior Directory

Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública
Al retomar sus labores en la mañana de este miércoles en La Moneda, tras una breve visita de trabajo a Argentina, el Ministro del Interior y Seguridad Pública ...

Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública de Chile ...
Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública de Chile; Información; Fundación: 21 de febrero de 2011 26 de octubre de 1812 (como Secretaría de Interior)

Ministro del Interior y Seguridad Pública - Gobierno de Chile
Jorge Burgos Varela Ministro del Interior y Seguridad Pública. Abogado de la Universidad de Chile. Historial Laboral. 2014-2015: Ministro de Defensa Nacional

Gobierno de Chile
Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública; Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores; Ministerio de Defensa Nacional; Ministerio de Hacienda; Ministerio Secretaría ...

Chile Ministerio del Interior [WorldCat Identities]
Memoria by Chile ( ) Anuario del Ministerio del Interior correspondiente al año by Chile


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