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Architecture - 1973

El total de lugar que ocupa esta cama, que puede ser de nogal, de fresno o fresno pintado de negro, es de 246x212 cm. diseño Jürgen Lange ... en las dos fotos está ¡lustrada una bolsa-valija producida y vendida por Aliprandi, de Milán.

200 pages


Creator: Pía Minchot | 2003-04-01

LOF CREPAIN LOFT CREPAIN Jo Crepa in Architects LOCALIZACION/LOCALIZAÇÂ0 FOTOS/ FOTOGRAFIAS SUPERFICIE/SUPERFiCIE ... de 1930. ter sido demolido para se construir uma garagem e um jardim interior que dá acesso à casa e aos escritorios.

Publisher: Asppan S.L.

About this book
Through over 250 pages, this book offers us an approach of Madrid different from that offered in traditional touristic guides. The historical point of view of this book allows a better appreciacion of the urban evolution of Madrid. A formidable journey through a short history of the court and villa, the courtier Madrid, the abject Madrid, royal places, the Gran Via, the Madrid where we live today and from the highs of El Prado, to the door of Europe.

131 pages

While Cuba waits, art from the nineties

Creator: Kevin Power, Track 16 Gallery and Mainspace | Art - 1999-11

Tania sacrificada con el corazón en las manos, como en la conocida imagen de Cristo (Centro Wifredo Lam, 1996). Tania cubierta por la piel de un animal y comiendo tierra (Casa de la Artista, La Habana, ...

Publisher: Smart Art Pr

About this book
In the eighties, Cuban art centered on ideology, exoticism, shamanism, and a Beuysian conceptual legacy prevalent among students at the Instituto Superior de Artes, a power-house for young artists. Many of the artists from this generation left the island for Mexico and the United States. In the nineties many artists have chosen, almost strategically, to stay in Cuba. Their narratives deal with race, sexuality, camouflage, tourism, and the "hybrid" as the reigning cultural metaphor for the endless contradictions of contemporary Cuban life. This book includes work by Pedro Alvarez, Saidel Brito, Carmen Cabrera, Henry Erik, Luis Gomez, Douglas Perez, and Jose Vincench among others.

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Fotos de Interiores - YouTube
Video de fotos de interiores de algunas de las casas que he construido.

Si quieres conocer más misterios de la Casa Matusita ( u otros temas del misterio del Perú y el mundo, visita ...

Fotos de interiores de casas
Algunos interiores de casas. Como pueden ver, todos son sacados de casa de lujo.

Fotos de Casas. Imágenes Casas y Fachadas
Las mejores fotos de casas bonitas, modernas, lujosas, coloniales, antiguas y rústicas. Imágenes de fachadas, diferentes tipos.

3D Painted Rooms -
3D Painted Rooms These rooms are painted so that, when looked at right, optical illusions will appear. Very cool. These paintings can also be done ...


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