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"The worst mistake I made was wearing an uncomfortable pair of sexy Cin- derella slip-ons. I was concentrat- ing so hard on my Zsa Zsa Gabor walk that ... Habla con gestos: Por supuesto que quieres que se te acerquen los hombres guapos.

336 pages

From Boys to Men, Gay Men Write About Growing Up

Creator: Robert Williams, Ted Gideonse | Fiction - 2006-09-04

An anthology of the experiences of young homosexual men includes essays by such contributors as Alex Chee, Aaron Hamburger, and Karl Soehnlein and offers insight into how each discovered and experienced their differences as children and ...

Publisher: Carroll & Graf

About this book
More than an anthology of coming out stories, From Boys to Men is a stunning collection of essays about what it is like to be gay and young, to be different and be aware of that difference from the earliest of ages. In these memoirs, coming out is less important than coming of age and coming to the realization that young gay people experience the world in ways quite unlike straight boys. Whether it is a fascination with soap opera, an intense sensitivity to their own difference, or an obsession with a certain part of the male anatomy, gay kids -- or kids who would eventually identify as gay -- have an indefinable but unmistakable gay sensibility. Sometimes the result is funny, sometimes it is harrowing, and often it is deeply moving. Essays by lauded young writers like Alex Chee (Edinburgh), Aaron Hamburger (Faith for Beginners), Karl Soehnlein (The World of Normal Boys), Trebor Healy (Through It Came Bright Colors), Tom Dolby (The Trouble Boy), David Bahr, and Austin Bunn, are collected along with those by brilliant, newcomers such as Michael McAllister, Jason Tougaw, Viet Dinh, and the wildly popular blogger, Joe.My.God.

400 pages

Eagle in the Snow

Creator: Wallace Breem | 2004-02-03

General Paulinus Maximus defends the Roman Empire's farthest outpost against uniting tribal nations while being urged by allies and enemies to proclaim himself emperor, which he will accept if a final victory can be delivered.

Publisher: Rugged Land Books

About this book
Banished to the Empire’s farthest outpost, veteran warrior Paulinus Maximus defends The Wall of Britannia from the constant onslaught of belligerent barbarian tribes. Bravery, loyalty, experience, and success lead to Maximus’ appointment as "General of the West" by the Roman emperor, the ambition of a lifetime. But with the title comes a caveat: Maximus needs to muster and command a single legion to defend the perilous Rhine frontier. On the opposite side of the Rhine River, tribal nations are uniting; hundreds of thousands mass in preparation for the conquest of Gaul, and from there, a sweep down into Rome itself. Only a wide river and a wily general keep them in check. With discipline, deception, persuasion, and surprise, Maximus holds the line against an increasingly desperate and innumerable foe. Friends, allies, and even enemies urge Maximus to proclaim himself emperor. He refuses, bound by an oath of duty, honor, and sacrifice to Rome, a city he has never seen. But then circumstance intervenes. Now, Maximus will accept the purple robe of emperor, if his scrappy legion can deliver this last crucial victory against insurmountable odds. The very fate of Rome hangs in the balance. Combining the brilliantly realized battle action of Gates of Fire and the masterful characterization of Mary Renault’s The Last of the Wine, Eagle in the Snow is nothing less than the novel of the fall of the Roman empire.

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Hombres Guapos. Hola, chicas mi nombre es Max, soy un hombre guapo argentino, tengo 25 años de edad y me gusta ir a la playa y pasarla bien con los amigos, me gusta ...

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