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Ultra-Custom Semi Trucks

Creator: Bette S. Garber |

192 pages

Custom Auto Interiors

Creator: Don Taylor, Ron Mangus | Transportation - 2005-03-14

Precise step-by-step instructions show you how to turn out completely professional custom interiors. This is an advanced-level book.

Publisher: California Bill's Automotive Handbooks

About this book
Expert trimmers Don Taylor and Ron Mangus share two lifetimes of auto upholstery experience and secrets in this fantastic book. More than 800 color photographs capture every detail you'll need to create your own exciting and award-winning custom interiors. Precise step-by-step instructions show you how to turn out completely professional custom interiors. This is an advanced-level book.

160 pages

Custom Semi

Creator: Bette S. Garber | Transportation - 2005-11-10

In chapters that range from solo drivers, families in trucking, and whole customized fleets to the finest nitty-gritty and cutting-edge elements of semi truck customization, this book offers a close-up look at examples of custom semis.

Publisher: Motorbooks International

About this book
It seems like everything is being customized these days, but one type of vehicle in particular is making a large impact on the customizing world. Semi trucks have been painted and adorned with every bell and whistle imaginable. These spectacular trucks cruise the interstates and draw huge crowds of fans wherever they roll.Custom Semi features some of the most spectacular examples of customized semi trucks. The book profiles who drives the trucks and families who are in the trucking business, and showcases entire fleets that are customized. Customized trucks that were completely stripped down and recustomized are also included. Spectacular examples of customizations, such as wood, metal, lights, etching, and interior, are showed in exquisite detail, and what's on the cutting edge of semi truck customization is also featured.The next time you roll down the highway, keep your eyes open for these masterpieces. The hard work, dedication, and love of the highway are conveyed in these rolling works of art.

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