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165 pages

John Lingenfelter on Modifying Small-Block Chevy Engines, High Performance Engine Building and Tuning for Street and Racing

Creator: John Lingenfelter | Technology & Engineering - 1996-01-01

Not only does this small intake port area restrict flow, but the air must travel a greater distance from the intake plenum to ... For example, a small-block Chevy head with 240 cfm flow at .450-inch valve lift should have an exhaust port capable of ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
John Lingenfelter has been building, racing and winning with small-block Chevy engines since 1972, when he arrived on the drag racing scene by winning the Super Stock Eliminator class at the U.S. Nationals. Since that time, he's been a frequent visitor to the winner's circle, building and driving winning Super Stock race cars to capture 13 national titles. His success created a state-of-the-art engine building facility--Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. Many of today's top drag racers run a Lingenfelter-built engine, and, since 1984, he's been building high performance engines for the street.

144 pages

Chevrolet Small Block Parts Interchange Manual

Creator: Ed Staffel | Transportation - 2010

Chevrolet Small Block Parts Interchange Manual provides complete factory parts interchange information, allowing hot rodders to custom build their own high performance version of the famous Chevy "Mouse" motor from off-the-shelf parts.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
Even though the first and second generation of small-block Chevy engines have been on the market forever, there is still a confusing array of configurations that this engine has been released in over the years. Did you know that the famed Chevy 302cid engine used in early Z-28s was pretty much a 327 bore with a 283 stroke in it? Yet to be original, you need to have the original DZ stamped 302 block, and the properly coded crankshaft for that particular application. Are you confused which crank and block combination yield 377 and 383 cubic-inch displacements? Look no further. In this all-color edition of the Chevrolet Small Block Parts Interchange Manual, these mysteries are solved. Includes information on cranks, rods, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, ignitions, and more. It also includes casting and serial number identification guides to help you through the myriad of available parts in salvage yards, swap meets, and on the internet. Also, solid information on performance modifications is included where applicable. If you are building a salvage yard stroker motor from individual parts, looking to make a numbers matching engine for your collectible musclecar, or simply looking to see which parts work together, Chevrolet Small-Block Parts Interchange Manual is a must-have addition to your library.

Chevrolet Small-Block V-8 Id Guide : Covers All Chevy Small Block Engines since 1955

Creator: Pierre Lafontaine |

Since its inception, the small- block engine has used many different types of intake systems. Until 1986, the entry-level applications have had two-barrel carburetors, mid-level vehicles had four-barrel carbs, and special engines have been ...

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