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128 pages

High-Performance Ford Focus Builder's Handbook

Creator: Richard Holdener | Transportation - 2003

The ported stock intake offered by Focus Central, the adjustable intake (possibly in production by the time this reaches print) designed by the author, and even ... The motor was nearly stock, equipped with only an AEM cold air intake system.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
The sport compact performance market is hot and getting hotter - and while the Honda Civic and Acura Integra have long been the dominant players in the market, a newcomer is emerging as a popular car for performance modifications - The Ford Focus. Well-built, inexpensive, good looking, and easy to modify, the Focus is quickly catching the Hondas in terms of market popularity. This book shows Focus owners exactly what it takes to improve their car's performance, from simple modifications like installing a new air intake to radical mods like installing a turbocharger. The author also shows what those modifications can do, with before-and-after dyno tests for each modification. There's also extensive info on suspension and brake modifications for better handling and braking. It's a one-stop shop for those who want a sharper, faster Focus.Dimensions: 8-3/8 x 10-7/8 inches# of color photographs: None inside- color cover only# of black and white photographs: 300

96 pages

Jacked, Ford Focus ST

Creator: Eric Stevens | Juvenile Fiction - 2013-10-01

FORD. FOCUS. ENGINE:turbocharged 250 horsepower, direct fuel injected, front wheel drive 2.0 liter engine; 16 valve inline—4 aluminum block and head; 6- speed manual transmission; installed cold air intake system (this engine definitely ...

Publisher: Darby Creek

About this book
Ever since James turned old enough to drive, he's wanted to enter his Ford Focus ST in the street races downtown. The first night he sneaks out, James finds trouble before he reaches the starting line. A gorgeous older girl has crossed some dangerous people?and she decides James is her ride out of harm's way. The situation is explosive, but James can't keep from investigating. Will he drive the girl to a new life?or crash and burn? Includes real tech specs and tuning details for the FORD FOCUS ST!

32 pages

Racing Rivals Game Guide

Creator: Joshua J Abbott, HIDDENSTUFF ENTERTAINMENT | Games - 2015-06-24

... animation for featured cars such as Ford Focus Titanium, Scion TC, McLaren MP412C and GT3 racing counterparts. ... Pick early modifications that hit the torque and horsepower (cold air intake m exhaust, displacement increase and ...


About this book
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