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With a VOM you can make go/no- go checks of primary wiring (non- transistorized ignitions only), coil, distributor points, spark cables, ignition switch, ground circuit, distributor cap, rotor, built-in primary resistance, and more. Without a VOM ...

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Color coding If you get a spark, check the color coding and routing of the wiring to the control module and coil. ... With the ignition on. keep your eyes on the voltmeter as the test light is connected momentarily to the appropriate module terminal ...

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See Fig. 7. Fig. 7: Voltmeter Hookups for Hall Generator Check Shutter Outside Air Gap Shutter Inside Air Gap Voltmeter Ignition Control Unit To Ignition 7l6l5l4l3 |2|l Ignition Coil Idle Stabilizer Harness must be connected to Hall control unit.

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- Wire from distributor to coil should be attached to the (-) Negative terminal on the coil. - Wire from ignition switch ... Ignition Coil wiring hookup...

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An internal combustion engine uses an electrical spark to ignite the fuel mixture in the engine. At the center of this system is the ignition coil. The coil is ...

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How to hook up an ignition coil An internal combustion engine uses an electrical spark to ignite the fuel mixture in the engine. At the centre of this system is the ...

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Battery Ignition using external coil. How to properly connect this type of coil to your engine. Sometimes substituted for a failed Magneto coil ignition ...

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A Short Course on Ignition Systems: ... the control module was mounted outside the distributor with external wiring to connect it to the pickup coil.


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