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High voltage ignition coil

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339 pages

CMOS Projects and Experiments, Fun with the 4093 Integrated Circuit

Creator: Newton C. Braga | 1999-09-01

Project 99: Experimental High-Voltage Generator (E) (P) This circuit will generate high voltages between 2000 and 10000 V ... The transistor's load is a common car ignition coil that produces the desired high voltage in its secondary .

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

About this book
Full of projects based on the 4093 CMOS IC, CMOS Projects and Experiments will be of great interest to hobbyists and students. Readers will have the opportunity to learn how to apply CMOS ICs in their six primary uses while building these well-documented projects.CMOS Projects and Experiments includes instructions to build over 100 unusual and useful projects. They include audio and RF devices, lamps, LEDs, timers, alarms, inverters and much more. This book offers hobbyists and students a satisfying, practical way of learning about a hot topic in electronics today.Among the devices you can build using this book are a touch-controlled oscillator, a light-controlled oscillator, insect repellent, a metronome, a Morse code tone generator, a CW transmitter, a two-tone siren, a neon-lamp flasher, an auto turn-off relay, a turn-off timer, a touch-controlled motor, a bistable sonic relay, a coin tosser, a freezer alarm, an ultraviolet lamp, a simple fluorescent lamp inverter, a nerve stimulator, and an experimental high-voltage generator.

256 pages

Electronic projects from the next dimension, paranormal experiments for hobbyists

Creator: Newton C. Braga | Body, Mind & Spirit - 2001

With the presence of the pulse, the SCR triggers on, closing the circuit formed by Cl and the low-voltage winding of the ignition coil. This means that Cl discharges via the ignition coil, producing a high-current pulse.

About this book
For years paranormal scientists have explored the detection and documentation of spirits, auras, ESP, hypnosis, and many more phenomena through electronics. Electronic Projects from the Next Dimension provides useful information on building practical circuits and projects, and applying the knowledge to unique experiments in the paranormal field. The author writes about dozens of inexpensive projects to help electronics hobbyists search for and document their own answers about instrumental transcommunication (ITC), the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), and paranormal experiments involving ESP, auras, and Kirlian photography.Although paranormal studies are considered esoteric, Electronic Projects from the Next Dimension teaches the technical skills needed to make devices that can be used in many different kinds of experiments. Each section indicates how the circuit can be used in paranormal experiments with suggestions about procedures and how to analyze the results.Provides unique projects for believers and skeptics.Perfect for any level of electronics experience.Learn from these basics projects and design your own applications.

772 pages



Primary circuit includes battery, primary winding of ignition coil, points, and condenser across points. ... The ignition coil is essentially a transformer that develops the high-voltage necessary to jump the gap in the spark plug ...

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