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Hall effect and electronic

Hall effect and electronic ignition - Bookshelf

551 pages

Automotive Mechanics,2E

Creator: S. Srinivasan | Motor vehicles - 2003

The electronic control unit later switches on the flow of current to the primary circuit so that the primary circuit current can be built up for the next cycle. The timer may be a pulse generator or a Hall effect sensor. Ignition coil ECU Switch Spark ...

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education

176 pages

The MG Midget & A-H Sprite, High Performance Manual

Creator: Daniel Stapleton, David Vizard, John Sprinzel | Transportation - 2008

If the electronic ignition 'pick-up' inside the distributor fails, it's possible to replace it with either a Lucas part or pattern part from ... Lucas also made a kit called the Lucas Contactless (Hall effect) electronic ignition system though, unlike the ...

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

201 pages

Mustang Weekend Projects

Creator: Dave Emanuel | Transportation - 1996

that prompted Chevrolet and other manufacturers to universally convert to electronic ignition. And while that ... So magnetic, optic and Hall Effect triggers have become the devices of choice in electronic ignition systems. While each of these ...

Publisher: Penguin

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HALL EFFECT TESTING. A Hall effect system is used on any Saab with a distributor after 1981. The hall effect unit is analogous to the old points, except they are ...

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