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166 pages

Automotive electronic and computer-controlled ignition systems

Creator: Don Knowles | Transportation - 1988

Ford Electric and Computer-Controlled Ignition Systems CHAPTER COMPLETION OBJECTIVES 1. Gain an understanding of Duraspark II and III ignition systems. 2. Demonstrate a knowledge of Thick Film Integrated (TFI) ignition systems. 3.

Publisher: Reston Pub Co

128 pages

How to Build Max Performance Ford V-8S on a Budget

Creator: George Reid | 2002-10-10

ELECTRONIC IGNITION In 1974, Ford began using an electronic ignition system known as Duraspark. The Duraspark ignition system consists of a Motorcraft distributor with a magnetic pick-up and an ignition amplifier that mounts on the ...

Publisher: S-A Design

About this book
Coverage includes engine math, stroker motors, Windsor engines, induction systems, Cleveland engines, 402, 422, and 512 horsepower big blocks, camshafts and valve train, 10 dyno test results and exhaust systems.

151 pages

Performance ignition systems, electronic or breaker-point ignition system tuning for maximum performance, power, and economy

Creator: Christopher Jacobs | Transportation - 1999-05-01

Shortly I'll tell you how to use the VERY BEST IGNITION for your engine using this big Duraspark distributor where you don't have to close the sparkplug gap. In 1982 Ford introduced their EEC system. However, Duraspark was used as well, ...

Publisher: Hp Books

About this book
The complete electronic ignition guide for auto enthusiasts, professionals and racers. Includes sections on custom tuning, engine modifications, diagnosing electrical and ignition problems, and much more.

Ignition Directory

Duraspark II Ignition Module - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
Duraspark II Ignition Module 1980 - 1986 Bullnose F100, F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks

How to Install a Ford Duraspark Distributor | eHow
When installing a Ford Duraspark distributor, it should go back in the same position from which you removed it, with the rotor pointing in the same direction.

How to Troubleshoot a 1977 Ford Duraspark ll Ignition ...
The Duraspark II ignition system debuted in 1976 with the intent to make substantial increases in secondary voltage and extend system maintenance intervals.

Ford Duraspark II Ignition System |
Introduction: The Ford Duraspark II electronic ignition system will improve your throttle response, horsepower, and gas mileage over a points type system.

Tech Archive - Ford Ignition Systems, MSD, DuraSpark, and ...
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    MSD | 8205 | Ford | Ignition Coil - Blaster 2F - Duraspark Horseshoe connector

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    MSD Ignition 5504 Street Fire Cap/Rotor Kit for Ford Dura-Spark

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    List Price: $26.00
    Price: $20.24
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    MSD | 8869 | Adapter Cable - Ford Duraspark to MSD 6 or 7 Ignition Control

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    MSD Ignition 8414 Cap-A-Dapt Cap and Rotor

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    ACCEL 140207 Dura-Spark Racing Coil

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    Replaces OE Dura-Spark oil filled type coil
    Max energy at high RPMs
    The horseshoe style connector fits perfectly
    Quicker starting and improved throttle response
    Silica steel core eliminates vibration-induced failures

  • Taylor Cable

    Taylor Cable 80655 8mm Street; Ignition Wire Set; Custom Fit; SST; w/Dura-Spark Ignition; Blue;

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    Backed by manufacturer's Warranty
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    Taylor a trusted industry leader
    Great Performance
    Enhance your vehicle

  • MSD

    MSD Ignition 8450 Cap-A-Dapt Cap and Rotor Kit

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    MSD Ignitions 8869 Cable Assembly- Amp Female To Ford

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    For Ford Duraspark

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    MSD Ignition 8450 DIST. CAP & ROTOR KIT -

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    Price: $34.70
    You Save: $8.68 (20%)

    1983-1983 > Ford > Thunderbird > Base; Ford Duraspark

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    Magnecor 6711 7mm Electrosports-70 Ignition Cable 1972-1977

    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Magnecor)
    List Price: $58.00
    Price: $45.24
    You Save: $12.76 (22%)

    1974-1976 > Ford > Pinto > V6 2.8L > 171 Engine
    1974-1976 > Ford > Mustang > V6 2.8L > 171 Engine
    1972-1977 > V6 2.8L > 2.8 V6 Engines without Duraspark Ignition