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Catalogue SIP CLASSIC VESPA Vespa Tuning, Spareparts & Accessories,english

Creator: SIP Scootershop GmbH |

The LML CDI ignition unit impresses with a higher ignition voltage and produces a more powerful spark, even at low revolutions. ... This CDI unit and the electronic regulator correspond in size, shape and build exactly to the original PIAGGIO items, so, it is literally plug and play! ... Simple to install, does not take up too much space and absolu- tely perfect to keep your engine performing at full throttle.

160 pages

Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook

Creator: Adam Wade | 2004-08-14

Although it comes in many flavors, the most popular has been the CDI, or capacitor discharge ignition system. ... It was relatively simple and inexpensive to design and build a circuit that would advance the spark based on a measurement of ...

Publisher: Motorbooks

About this book
In the mid-1990s, fuel injection was available on only a handful of exotic, high-buck European motorcycles. Today it is the predominant motorcycle technology. Despite its prevalence, very few motorcyclists understand fuel injection. Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook dissects its mysteries, thoroughly explaining the technology from its origins through its subsequent development and examines ways to modify the technology for optimum performance. Systems from all the major manufacturers are included as are after-market products. Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook discusses remapping tips, racing bike systems, and future development. It is the ultimate resource for those who want to master the most important motorcycle technology of our time.

154 pages

Performance Fuel Injection Systems, Overview of OEM Systems, Tuning Stock ECUs, Piggback and Standalone Units, Drag Strip and Dyno Tuning Tips, EFI Conversions

Creator: Matt Cramer, Jerry Hoffmann | Technology & Engineering - 2010-08-03

One other benefit of a CDI ignition is that it works better with engines that foul their plugs easily, whether it's from leaking oil or running rich at low rpm. An inductive ignition builds up its spark energy slowly, and if crud shorts out the gap on the ...

Publisher: Hp Books

About this book
A practical guide to modifying and tuning modern electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems, including engine control units (ECUs). The book starts out with plenty of foundational topics on wiring, fuel systems, sensors, different types of ignition systems, and other topics to help ensure the reader understands how EFI Systems work. Next the book builds on that foundation, helping the reader to understand the different options available: Re-tuning factory ECUs, add on piggyback computers, or all out standalone engine management systems. Next Matt and Jerry help the reader to understand how to configure a Standalone EMS, get the engine started, prep for tuning, and tune the engine for maximum power and drivability. Also covered is advice on tuning other functions-- acceleration enrichments, closed loop fuel correction, and more. Finally, the book ends with a number of case studies highlighting different vehicles and the EMS solutions that were chosen for each, helping to bring it all together with a heavy emphasis on how you can practically approach your projects and make them successful!

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