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Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Civil engineering

Civil engineering - 2003

KauPert Contribution by Ozzy Goring Water wheels can be aesthetically pleasing and attractive but in my opinion exchange ... Water wheels have no moving parts under water; the bearings and gear box/generator unit in modern water wheel ...


Industrial design - 2003

The units are carefully balanced and the noise from the transmission of the gear train and internal components has ... MF Briggs & Stratton Enter 410 The gearbox boosted water wheel output from 15rpm to 1,500rpm • The application has may ...

208 pages

It's Not Easy Being Green, One Family's Journey Towards Eco-friendly Living

Creator: Dick Strawbridge | Nature - 2013-09-30

The size of the aqueduct limits the amount of water that can be delivered to our waterwheel. ... Some of our little problems First problem was losing a couple of teeth in the gearbox and sheering the connections, so we attached the 'half a ...

Publisher: Random House

About this book
It's Not Easy Being Green follows Dick Strawbridge and his family as they leave their comfortable home in the Midlands to tackle a remarkable self-sufficiency project - New House Farm in Cornwall. Their main objective is to have as little negative impact on the planet as possible by producing no waste and removing their dependency upon fossil fuels - all without compromising on their comfortable, modern 21st-century lifestyles. It's a laudable aim, but they are definitely not eco-warriors!With his hands-on, flamboyant approach, Dick offers practical tips on everything, from constructing water wheels, gadgets and greenhouses, to the trials of living with animals and knocking up 'proper' wholesome food. Packed with information about the cost of power, sourcing building materials, taking up permaculture and finding transport alternatives, It's Not Easy Being Green highlights the small steps that can change your life and is a simple, inspirational guide for everyone considering the path to green living.

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