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Engineering News-record

Engineering - 1904

C.—Voltage-Wave of Revolving-Field Alternator, Showing Effect of Teeth of Armature-Core. 1'U. S. Assistant Engineer, Randolph ... A MODERN TRANSMISSION ALTERNATOR DRIVEN BY WATER-WHEEL. The preceding remarks may be ...

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How to use natural energy

Creator: Paul McClory | Science - 1978

A water-wheel represents a total capacity of 2.1 million kilowatts M and all this operates under heads of ten to thirty foot, ... Similarly the efficiency for an overshot water-wheel with a gear-box, 2 belt drives and an alternator will be 0.65  ...

Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity: Alternating currents; Power transmission

Electric engineering - 1905

speed of a direct-connected alternator, being determined by the speed of the engine or water wheel, is usually less than ... transformers, the voltage generated in the alternator being suited for the transmission of power to moderate distances.

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Building a Waterwheel |
Building a Waterwheel. ... a roller chain and hardened sprockets were used to gear up the waterwheel output ... The WindBlue alternator comes with a built in bridge ...

Simple Home Built Waterwheel | Otherpower
Simple Home Built Waterwheel. ... The gear ratio is 1:3-- the ... it seems like a homebuilt wooden alternator or induction motor converted to an alternator ...

Undershot Water Wheel - Build-It-Solar
Some pictures of the water wheel: Note: A couple of these pictures do not appear in the "Full Details" write up above. The wheel in operation . View from inflow side of wheel. Tape drive motor used as generator, and cable spool ends that form the sides of the wheel. The wheel buckets cut from PVC pipe. Shaft, bearings and primary gear.

Home Made Water Wheel Gearing PMA Alternator - YouTube
How to Build a Water Wheel - Uncle Knuckle's Workshop - Duration: 10:32. ... Alternator Demo, self energize, generator, arc welder - Duration: 9:16.

Low rpm generator for small water wheel - fieldlines
Re: Low rpm generator for small water wheel « Reply #22 on: March 01, 2011, 11:05:51 AM » You look to have a great site for water power.But using the water whee as it is now you are only getting a small % of it .You are dead set on using a water wheel. my Thoughts are to reshape the wheel into a cross-flow turbine so the water goes threw the wheel. will still look like water wheel.


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