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Engineering News-record

Engineering - 1904

C.—Voltage-Wave of Revolving-Field Alternator, Showing Effect of Teeth of Armature-Core. 1'U. S. Assistant Engineer, Randolph ... A MODERN TRANSMISSION ALTERNATOR DRIVEN BY WATER-WHEEL. The preceding remarks may be ...

60 pages

How to use natural energy

Creator: Paul McClory | Science - 1978

A water-wheel represents a total capacity of 2.1 million kilowatts M and all this operates under heads of ten to thirty foot, ... Similarly the efficiency for an overshot water-wheel with a gear-box, 2 belt drives and an alternator will be 0.65  ...

Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity: Alternating currents; Power transmission

Electric engineering - 1905

speed of a direct-connected alternator, being determined by the speed of the engine or water wheel, is usually less than ... transformers, the voltage generated in the alternator being suited for the transmission of power to moderate distances.


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