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48 pages

Ice and Flame

Creator: Jane B. Mason, Mike De Carlo, Lee Loughridge | Juvenile Fiction - 2011-07-01

A fight between two supervillains, Heatwave and Captain Cold, could melt all the Arctic ice and Barry Allen, the Flash, has to take a chance and work with Captain Cold to defeat their common enemy and restore the Arctic ecosystem.

Publisher: Capstone

282 pages

Promise of Departure

Creator: L. W. Montgomery | 2012-08-01

The colloquial manner that Greg engages with his own challenges, from dropped bikes to sleepless nights, steers the book clear of heavy-handedness. Engrossing prose.

Publisher: LW Montgomery

48 pages

The Attack of Professor Zoom!

Creator: Matthew K. Manning, Mike De Carlo, Lee Loughridge | Juvenile Fiction - 2011-01-01

When dozens of fires erupt in downtown Central City, Flash rushes from house to house to save the residents.

Publisher: Capstone

About this book
On a moonless night, downtown CENTRAL CITY suddenly bursts into flames. Dozens of deadly fires threaten homes, businesses, and residents of the metropolis. Luckily, the FASTEST MAN ALIVE is close by! The FLASH rushes from house to house, saving entire families and their pets. However, instead of being thankful, the rescued victims accuse the SCARLET SPEEDSTER of setting the fires in the first place. The FLASH knows only one man could imitate his super-speed . . . PROFESSOR ZOOM, the REVERSE-FLASH! The evil super-villain is out to destroy the real FLASH'S reputation and then destroy the man himself.

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