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416 pages


Creator: Cory Doctorow | Fiction - 2009-10-27

Together, they transform the nation and blogger Andrea Fleeks is there to document it. Then it slides into collapse. The New Work bust puts the dot-bomb to shame.

Publisher: Macmillan

About this book
Perry and Lester invent things: seashell robots that make toast, Boogie Woogie Elmo dolls that drive cars. They also invent entirely new economic systems. When Kodak and Duracell are broken up for parts by sharp venture capitalists, Perry and Lester help to invent the "New Work," a New Deal for the technological era. Barefoot bankers cross the nation, microinvesting in high-tech communal mini-startups. Together, they transform the nation and blogger Andrea Fleeks is there to document it.Then it slides into collapse. The New Work bust puts the dot-bomb to shame. Perry and Lester build a network of interactive rides in abandoned Walmarts across the land. As their rides gain in popularity, a rogue Disney executive engineers a savage attack on the rides by convincing the police that their 3D printers are being used to make AK-47s.Lawsuits multiply as venture capitalists take on a new investment strategy: backing litigation against companies like Disney. Lester and Perry's friendship falls to pieces when Lester gets the fatkins treatment, which turns him into a sybaritic gigolo.Then things get really interesting.

720 pages

How Everything Works, Making Physics Out of the Ordinary

Creator: Louis Bloomfield | Science - 2007

A user’s manual for our everyday world! “Whether a curious layperson, a trained physicist, or a beginning physics student, most everyone will find this book an interesting and enlightening read and will go away comforted in that the ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

272 pages

Two-Stroke Performance Tuning

Creator: A. Bell | Transportation - 1999-11-28

Engine-tuning expert A. Graham Bell steers you through the various modifications that can be made to coax maximum useable power output and mechanical reliability from your two-stroke.

Publisher: Haynes Publishing

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