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Thomas register of American manufacturers and Thomas register catalog file

Biography & Autobiography - 2003

Transmissar ii For Lawn & Garden Power Equipment, I Pumps, Pressure Washers, Conitructkr ■ Go-Karts & Snow Throwers] (262 3'" ... Right Angle Drives. Parallel Shaft Index Drives. Lift & Rotate Units. In Line Lift & Transfer Systems, ...

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This basic source for identification of U.S. manufacturers is arranged by product in a large multi-volume set.

116 pages

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That's right, the annoyingly whiny, smelly, smoky buzz-boxes that power many lawnmowers, chainsaws, dirt bikes, even radio- controlled ... "This is not a go- kart." Actually, it's a superkart, and it's not to be confused with the putt- ...

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Road & track

Sports & Recreation - 1982

Except that in the kart you crank up your head until you're looking right out over your body and then try to relax, which isn't easy. Unlike the basic go karts of the past, this one didn't have one speed and a centrifugal clutch, ...

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Lawnmower Go Kart - Vertical Engine Right Angle Gear Box ...
I have seen the right angle gear box as a solution to driving the go kart. It seems simple enough. Well there actually are about 8 different ways you can route the ...

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Gas Powered Go Karts, Mini Gas Power carts, Dune Buggies ...
Buy a Go kart today, we have both Electric and gas powered Go carts designed for recreation and fun. In order to carter for all Go-kart enthusiasts, we carry a ...

Go Kart Steering Wheel - Go Power Sports
The best selection of go kart steering wheel and parts at discount prices online. We carry quality go kart throttle cable for most makes of go karts including Yerf ... Blog » Vertical Engine Go Kart Drive: The ...
Twisted belt drive placed too far back on the go kart. This particular design has the engine placed way behind the drive wheels. This makes the center of gravity too ...


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  • Huco

    Huco 332.31.2.Z Size 31 L-Box Miniature Right Angle Gearbox, Acetal Case with Hardened Steel Gears, Inch, 1.2" OD, 1.2" Length

    BISS (Huco)

    Rating (3 reviews):

    not good enough for accurate movements

    0 1/5 S. A. Eideh (Qatar) - See all my reviews, April 28, 2014

    Read this and weep..

    0 3/5 devtank - See all my reviews This review is from: Huco L-Box Miniature Right Angle Gearbox, Acetal Case, Inch (Misc.) What he said..The previous guy said that there is sloppiness in the mechanism. I doubt huco designed this for Follow Focus purposes however, it is what is inside many of the sub $750 mechanical follow focus units out there. There is definite 'lash' or slop in the takeup, however this might be ok depending on how critical the work is.One thing to note also, is that the spigots are round, and if your follow focus or gear requires a flat surface for locking, then be prepared to get the dremel out. I didnt expect this.Huco make two versions of this, this is the Acetal (polymer plastic etc) sprockets and one thats a bit more money and has steel sprockets. Perhaps the Steel version has less slop. 0, November 4, 2014

    Exactly the piece I wanted!

    0 5/5 Ed Dellis - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Huco L-Box Miniature Right Angle Gearbox, Acetal Case, Inch (Misc.) This was the exact replacement part for a follow-focus I had that broke when I accidentally dropped it....saved the system. VERY happy. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , July 16, 2013
    List Price: $39.87
    Electrical isolation between shafts and Acetal housing to prevent electrical arcing and circuit shortages
    Sintered bronze bearing system for durability and resistance to corrosion
    Acetal gears molded to steel shafts are lightweight and durable for low-friction performance
    Two counterbored clearance holes on case for conventional chassis mounting
    Hardened steel shafts for strength and durability