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The Autocar, A Journal Published in the Interests of the Mechanically Propelled Road Carriage

Creator: Henry Sturmey, H. Walter Staner | Automobiles - 1988-06

Peugeot. 405. Mi. 16. SOLD IN THE UK BY I'eugeol Talbot Motor Co Ltd International House Bickenhill I .iik' Marston ... AND PARTS Interval (miles) Change «,000 12,000 24.000 Engine oil Yes Yes Yes Oilfiller Yes Yes Yes Gearbox oil No No ...

Autocar & Motor

Automobiles - 1990-09

At around £30,000 — £14,865 of which is a 405 GTX estate — the Gutmann hits your pocket like a blow from a steam hammer: settle for a more ... full name — starts out as a 405 GTX estate into which the Mil6's 160bhp engine (available from Peugeot in the 405 Mi 16 saloon only) is dropped. It also gets a radical suspension stiffening kit, an oil cooler, modified brakes, and larger-diameter 15ins split-rim alloys ... The aural excitement encourages stirring of the light and slick gear lever.


Automobiles - 2003

But I was religious about the oil changes and always used good- quality slippery stuff. I also changed the cambelt as soon as I got It If the engine does go bang, you can always replace it with a 405 MI16 lump... NAME MARTIN DOYLE A friend ...

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Europarts Peugeot Parts
Incorporating : Peugeoplus Pty Ltd 313A Reserve Road Cheltenham Vic 3192 Australia : Phone (03) 9583 3766 : Email : ACCELERATOR CABLE

Spoox Motorsport
T.S.M driver Jae Davies with his Spoox Motorsport built Peugeot 205 Mi16 in 2016. Jae had a fantastic year in 2015 taking a number of class wins.

High Torque Denso Starter Motor
High Torque Starter Motor. Can give in excess of 200% more cranking power Uses up to 40% less current than original unit Starts engine regardless of compression or ...

Ford Essex V6 for sale in UK | 31 used Ford Essex V6
Very rare Ford Consul (Mk1 Granada) 2.5 v6 ford essex 3.0v6 block and gearbox unsure of condition, i also have complete 3.0v6 engine and separate gearbox in my other ...


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