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718 pages

Automotive Transmissions, Fundamentals, Selection, Design and Application

Creator: Harald Naunheimer, Bernd Bertsche, Joachim Ryborz, Wolfgang Novak | 2010-12-13

Application: city buses (Figure 6.65a). Possible alternative: design with tandem motors and summarising gearbox (Figure ... (wheel hub drive) as final drive with gearbox assemblies for speed adjustment, preferably planetary gearboxes, ...

Publisher: Springer Verlag

About this book
This book gives a full account of the development process for automotive transmissions. Main topics: - Overview of the traffic - vehicle - transmission system - Mediating the power flow in vehicles - Selecting the ratios - Vehicle transmission systems - basic design principles - Typical designs of vehicle transmissions - Layout and design of important components, e.g. gearshifting mechanisms, moving-off elements, pumps, retarders - Transmission control units - Product development process, Manufacturing technology of vehicle transmissions, Reliability and testing The book covers manual, automated manual and automatic transmissions as well as continuously variable transmissions and hybrid drives for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Furthermore, final drives, power take-offs and transfer gearboxes for 4-WD-vehicles are considered. Since the release of the first edition in 1999 there have been a lot of changes in the field of vehicles and transmissions. About 40% of the second edition's content is new or revised with new data.

Machine Design

Technology & Engineering - 1981

Cone drive Worm gear 50I1 3-042% 35 Hub City Hub City Worm gear 15:1 1.55- . ... the synthetic Cone Drive made a worm gear 7.7% more 'W. _ h efficient. msm" This increased efficiency also . . reduces gearbox temperatures.

Regional industrial buying guide, Greater Michigan

Creator: Thomas Regional Directory Co | Business & Economics - 2003-01-01

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We supply the full range of Hub City Gearbox products. Hub City make a wide range of worm gear, bevel, parallel shaft and inline speed reducers.

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The Efneo Gearbox fits frames dedicated for these types of bottom brackets: Tapered square axle (68 mm BB shell width) – most of city, trekking, hybrid, folding or ...

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    NEW HUB CITY 0221-91642 216 15:1 L 56C WORM GEAR REDUCER D435226

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    Hub City 0220-05401 Gearbox 1/1 ratio, AD5, AB style

    BISS (Hub City)


    HUB CITY M2 GEAR REDUCER 2:1 D223002

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    NEW HUB CITY 216 10/1 L 0220-61438 WORM 10:1 GEAR REDUCER D209880

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  • Hub City

    Hub City 0220-00501-011 Gearbox 1:1 Ratio, AB Style,

    BISS (Hub City)

  • Hub city

    Hub city 0223-01536 Gearbox Repair Kit

    BISS (Hub city)

  • Traxxas

    Traxxas Spur Gear,Std,41T:N4-Tec TRA4885

    Toy (Traxxas)
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    NEW HUB CITY 0220-61201-214 5:1 56C WORM GEAR REDUCER D428716

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    NEW HUB CITY 0220-22029-214 10:1 140TC WORM GEAR REDUCER D428724

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    NEW HUB CITY AL635-19/1-A-143TC-1.12 SPARTAN 2HP 19:1 143TC GEAR REDUCER D383212

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