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Inside IMSA's Legendary GTP Race Cars

Creator: J. A. Martin, Michael J. Fuller |

1 -liter DOHC turbocharged 1-4 Horsepower: 650 Gearbox: Hewland VG500 5- speed Length: 186.6" Width: 78" Height: 40.5" Wheelbase: 104" Weight: 1,984 lbs . Intrepid Designer Bob Riley Chassis: Carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb ...

297 pages

Britain's Winning Formula, Achieving World Leadership in Motorsports

Creator: Mr Martin Beck-Burridge, Jeremy Walton | Business & Economics - 1999-11-18

Xtrac also deliver rack and pinion steering mechanisms and many associated competition car transmission components, such as drive and propellor shafts or intelligent limited slip differentials. Hewland Engineering Limited As with many ...

Publisher: Springer

Vintage American Road Racing Cars 1950-1969

Creator: Harold Pace Mark R. Brinker |

ZF or Hewland Brakes Airheart disc Engines Datsun, Ford, Coventry- Front suspension . . . . independent Body material aluminum and fiberglass Climax Maserati Rear suspension independent Weight approx 445 pounds Gearbox Hewland ...

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Hewland | Transmissions
The Company. View Range. Founded in 1957, Hewland Engineering Limited now provides transmissions the world over, to almost every motorsport discipline.

Gearbox Range | Hewland Classic
WE ARE HEWLAND CLASSIC. Hewland Classic in association with PDS Racing can provide any modern or classic Hewland requirements, rebuild services and bespoke work.

Hewland Gearbox Listings - Race Car S
Hewland DG300 Lola T332 Complete Rear brakes, calliperLola T332 F5000 DG300 Complete rear end including uprights,s, drive shafts and Koni Shocks.

MBR Hewland Agents
HEWLAND SPECIALISTS. CLICK ON A LINK ABOVE FOR MORE GEARBOX INFORMATION. Since 1988, MBR have provided Hewland driveline solutions for current and vintage applications.

Changing gears in a Hewland gearbox. - YouTube
How to change the internal gear ratios in a Hewland MK 8 gearbox


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