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320 pages

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, A Brothers in Arms Novel

Creator: John Antal | Fiction - 2008-09-23

A Brothers in Arms Novel John Antal. nnn* ~k _ ... Published and distributed by Ubisoft Entertainment under license from Gearbox Software, LLC. Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway is a trademark of Gearbox Software and is used under license.

Publisher: Presidio Press

About this book
“With sharp insights into history, combat, and human nature, this enthralling novel can stand beside even the best chronicles of that fabled ‘band of brothers.’ ”–Ralph Peters, author of Wars of Blood and FaithIt’s 1944, and the German war machine is on its heels but still lethal, while the Allies pry the Netherlands from the Nazis’ grasp. Operation Market Garden will be spearheaded by the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles. But if you’re one man in one corner of this battle, it’s a plunge into chaos–at a place called “Hell’s Highway.”Sergeant Matt Baker is a recon leader from the 101st, in charge of a team of Brits, Americans, and Dutch resistance fighters sent on a desperate reconnaissance mission. For Baker, every step behind enemy lines means dozens of critical choices, firefights that explode out of nowhere, and facing down one ruthless German who knows his war is lost– and who is as fierce as he is brilliant. To both men, it’s a battle to get out of hell alive.From the struggles of the men and women of the Dutch resistance to a pitched fight for one critical bridge, Hell’s Highway is the suspense-packed, surprise-filled version of the bestselling video game–and an intense epic journey into the true nature of war.From the Paperback edition.

265 pages

Early Modernity and Video Games

Creator: Tobias Winnerling, Florian Kerschbaumer | History - 2014-06-26

From Software. DEMON'S SOULS (2009). Gearbox Software. BROTHERS IN ARMS : EARNED IN BLOOD (2005). Gearbox Software. BROTHERS IN ARMS: HELL'S HIGHWAY (2008). Gearbox Software. BROTHERS IN ARMS: ROAD TO HILL ...

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

About this book
We cannot think of modern society without also thinking of video games. And we cannot think of video games without thinking of history either. Games that deal with history are sold in ever-increasing numbers, striving to create increasingly lively images of things past. For the science of history, this means that the presentation of historical content in such games has to be questioned, as well as the conceptions of history they embody. How do games create the feeling that they portray a past acceptable to their players? Do these popular representations of history intersect with academic narratives, or not? While a considerable body of work on similar questions already exists, both for medieval history as well as for those games dealing with the 20th century, early modernity has not yet been treated in this context. As many games draw their imagery – perhaps their success, too? – from the years between 1450 and 1815, it is to their understanding that this volume is dedicated. The contributions encompass a wide range of subjects and games, from Age of Empires to Assassin’s Creed, from Critical Discourse Analysis to Ludology. One aim unites them, namely an understanding of what happens when video games encounter early modernity.

Hell's Highway

Creator: John Antal, George E. Koskimaki |

"Brothers in Arms" is a trademark of Gearbox Software, LLC. MBI Publishing Company titles are also available at discounts in bulk quantity for industrial or sales- promotional use. For details write to Special Sales Manager at MBI Publishing ...

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