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Product safety & liability reporter

Creator: Bureau of National Affairs (Arlington, Va.) | Business & Economics - 2002

Product Recalls Children's Pedal Cars Are Recalled By Iowa Firm Because of Lead Paint Hazard he Consumer Product Safety Commission anT nounced Feb. 20 that Alpha International Inc., also known as Gearbox Pedal Car Company, ...

Brands and Their Companies, Consumer Products and Their Manufacturers with Addresses and Phone Numbers

Creator: Linda D. Hall | Law - 2006

I Ge - Insulating materials - General S Electric Co. ! Ge - Jewelry — precious - Gem East ; Corp. ... Gearbox - Toys - Alpha International Inc. Gearbox - Trailers — travel - Fleetwood Enterpnses Inc. Gearbox Pedal Car Company - Bicycles ...

496 pages

Armstrong Siddeley Motors, The Cars, the Company and the People in Definitive Detail

Creator: Bill Smith | Transportation - 2005-09-14

Incidentally the rival company, ENV, was set up by Wilson's brother who manufactured epicyclic gearboxes under different patents and not through Improved Gears. The 1928 Motor Show saw the introduction of the Wilson gearbox on AS cars ...

Publisher: Veloce

About this book
If ever there was a car that exuded British style it was the Armstrong Siddeley. From the vast leviathans of the 1920s to the Art Deco inspired cars of the thirties to the restrained post-modernism of the 1950s. Somehow, for all these design influences Armstrong Siddeleys came out looking good, and very British indeed. A complete, graphically illustrated history from a unique socio-economic perspective this book brings the Siddeley marque to life. Extensively illustrated throughout with over 460 photographs this book is a fascinating piece of literature for automotive and historical enthusiasts alike.

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GEARBOX PEDAL CAR COMPANY CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA - write and read reviews and find this brand information for products/services associated with the GEARBOX PEDAL CAR ... Auto Parts Market
Specializing in the sale of used auto parts for foreign cars. Includes product search and contact information.

Preselector gearbox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A preselector or self-changing [1] gearbox is a type of manual gearbox (US: transmission) used on a variety of vehicles, most commonly in the 1930s.

Direct-shift gearbox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A direct-shift gearbox (German: Direkt-Schalt-Getriebe [1]), commonly abbreviated to DSG, [2] [3] is an electronically controlled dual-clutch [2] multiple-shaft ...

Pedal Car Values | Greatest Collectibles
Welcome to the Official Pedal Cars Price Guide listing values for most makes and models. This list has the most recent retail prices for most Pedal Cars by name and year.


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Editor's picks

  • Gearbox Toys and Collectibles

    Gear box Texaco 1956 Ford Thunderbird Chain Driven Pedal Car #11 in Series - About 9" Long and 1:18 Scale

    Toy (Gearbox Toys and Collectibles)

    1956 Ford Thunderbird
    Series #11
    Gearbox Toys and Collectibles
    Chain Driven Pedal Car
    Side Mirror Enclosed

  • Gear Box

    1957 Pedal Car Limited Edition Chevy Bel Air Diecast Black #68257 By Gearbox Pedal Car Company

    Toy (Gear Box)

    Pedal Car is approximately 4" long
    1/9600 Serial # 01033
    1957 Pedal Car Limited Edition Chevy Bel Air Diecast Black #68257 By Gearbox Pedal Car Company

  • Gearbox Collectibles

    Limited Edition~Gearbox Collectible ~ 1956 Ford Thunderbird Pedal Driven Car.

    Home (Gearbox Collectibles)

    Custom Painted.
    Extra Heavy Die Cast.
    Steerable Wheels.
    1997 Gearbox Toys and Collectibles.
    Moveable Rubber Tires.

  • LEGO

    LEGO Technic Race Kart 42048 Building Kit

    Toy (LEGO)

    Rating (1 reviews):

    Technic Kart 42048 is a Real Winner

    For the first wave of 2016 Technic Sets, the Go-Kart was the one that stood out to me, and to date is the only one I've bothered with (I'm saving my monies for the second half of the Technic year...).I am happy to report that this is another stellar entry in the Technic line, and at a relatively low price point of $30. This is my second $30 set, my first the mine loader truck from a year or two ago, which I was equally impressed with.For the price you get arguably more than your money's worth, with 345 pieces and a lot of 'new'. What's new: the color scheme, for one (which I think is gorgeous), the seat design and construction, the wheel inserts (not new wheels, just inserts that make them look so), the tires, and a shift-able drive transmission, complete with a very neat actuation feature.Also to note is the steering, which does not use the typical rack and pinion Technic setup, instead, a lever rotates between two pins forcing the 'rack' back and... 5/5 C. Owen (Tampa) - See all my reviews, February 4, 2016
    List Price: $29.99
    Price: $29.95
    You Save: $0.04 (%)
    Check out the purple and orange color scheme with sporty racing stickers
    Tilt the racing seat to reveal the working transmission
    This LEGO Technic model is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience, appropriate for children aged 9 to 16
    Features a sleek, authentic design, wide rims with slick racing tires, working steering and gearbox, detailed engine with moving piston, fuel tank, foot pedals and huge exhaust pipes
    Zoom around the racetrack