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128 pages

Planes: Fire & Rescue: The Junior Novelization

Creator: Disney Book Group | Juvenile Fiction - 2014-06-03

Frustrated, Dottie took a deep breath and blurted out the news: “Your reduction gearbox is failing.” The room fell quiet. “ gearbox? ... Couldn't she just order another gearbox and replace it? She would be able to fix him right up.

Publisher: Disney Electronic Content

Industrial Silo Fire and Explosion; Charlotte, North Carolina

The fire marshal determined that the fire started when the gear box seized – burning the belt of the drive unit. The actual ... This was an area of deep-seated, incomplete combustion, which needed only a source of oxygen to ignite explosively.

Publisher: FEMA

The Shipbuilder and Marine Engine-builder

Shipbuilding - 1960

The high auxiliary power which is required for fire-fighting has been used to provide a large generating capacity and the power ... priming bends, foot valves, salvage hoses and a Merry- weather Aquator deep-lift salvage fitting, which can effectively deal with lifts of up to ... propeller, which is enclosed in a Kort rudder, through a Hindmarch/MWD, type-M2WR reverse /reduction gearbox with a ratio of 2:1.

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