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597 pages

Gust Front

Creator: John Ringo | Fiction - 2001

With the help of some alien technology, the humans on two worlds had fought back the ravening Posleen hordes, and now the survivors of Barwhon and Diess Expeditionary Forces take time to regroup and renew themselves, while on Earth they ...

Publisher: Baen Books

About this book
"The aliens had arrived with gifts, warnings, and an offer we couldn't refuse..." Our choice was simple: we could be cannon fodder, or we could be...fodder. We could send our forces to fight and die (as only humans can) against a ravening horde that was literally feeding on its interstellar conquests -- or remain as we were -- virtually weaponless and third in line for brunch. We chose to fight. Thanks to alien technology and sheer guts, the Terrans on two worlds fought the Posleen to a standstill. Thank God there was a moment to catch our breath, a moment, however brief, of peace -- Now, for the survivors of the Barwhon and Diess Expeditionary Forces, it was a chance to get some distance from the blood and misery of battle against the Posleen centaurs. A blessed chance to forget the screams of the dying in purple swamps and massacres under searing alien suns. For earth it was an opportunity to flesh out their force of raw recruits with combat-seasoned veterans. Political, military and scientific blundering had left the Terran forces in shambles -- and with the Posleen invasion only months away, these shell-shocked survivors might be the only people capable of saving the Earth from devastation. If the veterans had time to lick their wounds. Because the Posleen don't read schedules.

430 pages

The Mobile Workshop: Mobility, Technology, and Human-animal Interaction in Gonarezhou (National Park), 1850--present


Focusing on the transLimpopo basin of southern Africa over the last 150 years, I combine these two elements to pose one question: What is the role of nature in the behavior of the state towards its citizens, and what is the role of ...

Publisher: ProQuest

382 pages

Hunter-Gatherers of the Congo Basin, Cultures, Histories, and Biology of African Pygmies

Creator: Barry S. Hewlett | Social Science - 2014-05-23

The volume explores the diversity and uniformity of Congo Basin hunter-gatherer life by providing detailed but accessible overviews of recent research.

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

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Bush Hog 286 Rotary Cutter Parts 286 Rotary Cutter Deck ...
Store » Bush Hog Parts » Bush Hog Single Spindle Rotary Cutter Mower Parts » Bush Hog 286 Rotary Cutter Parts » Deck Assembly (Comer Gearbox) Model 286 - 6ft.

Bush Hog 3210 Rotary Cutter Parts 3210 Rotary Cutter ...
Parts list and parts diagram for a Bush Hog 3210 Rotary Cutter Parts 3210 Rotary Cutter Gearbox Assembly - 71198 (Comer). S/N 12-10000 thru 12-21399. Replaces 50018601 (Omni).

BUSH HOG / LAND MAINTENANCE REPAIR PARTS MANUAL DECK ASSEMBLY (Comer Gearbox) 287 (540 RPM) & 1287 (1000 RPM) Models Serial Numbers 12-01500 and Above

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