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320 pages

Level Zero Heroes, The Story of U.S. Marine Special Operations in Bala Murghab, Afghanistan

Creator: Michael Golembesky, John R. Bruning | History - 2014-09-02

In Level Zero Heroes, Michael Golembesky follows the members of U.S. Marine Special Operations Team 8222 on their assignment to the remote and isolated Taliban stronghold known as Bala Murghab as they conduct special operations in an effort ...

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

300 pages

Practical AEG Upgrade 2015 Edition, Airsoft AEG Technical Reference Manual with Technical Details and Configuration Examples

Creator: AirsoftPRESS | 2015-02-18

Reading this book should be like having an airsoft professional by your side, passing on useful hints whenever you get stuck.

About this book
Short for automatic electric gun, AEG is a type of battery powered air gun capable of full & semi auto firing. An electric motor inside the AEG rotates a series of gears sequentially to drive the piston, which in turn compresses the spring. When the spring is released, the piston is being pushed forward to produce compressed air and propel the bullets. Due to such a complex internal structure, power upgrade is never easy. There is no substitute for good old fashioned know how. By upgrading the gun yourself, you are knocking out the hardest part of it first, knowing what goes where. The 2015 Edition of this book presents new concepts and practical skills reflecting the latest changes and trends in the airsoft industry. New technologies such as Electric Blowback EBB and Electric Recoil Gun ERG are also included in the coverage. After trying out the tricks and tips suggested in this book, never hesitate to contact us should you believe there are mistakes waiting to be corrected (there are always better ways of doing things...). This is the book TOC: TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHT 6PREFACE 7BEFORE YOU START... 8GOOD UPGRADE PRACTICES 10GEARBOX VERSION, STRENGTH AND COMPATIBILITY 11GEARBOX INTERNALS 15PISTON AND PISTON HEAD 31AIR NOZZLE 37GEAR MESHING 38GEAR RATIOS AND TYPES 39UPGRADE SPRING 43BASIC PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT 45SPRING INSTALLATION 51AIR VOLUME BALANCING 54BUSHINGS AND BEARINGS 57SHIMMING REGULAR GEARS 60SHIMMING HELICAL GEARS 71SECTOR GEAR DELAYER 79ONE O'CLOCK TIMING 81GEARBOX INITIAL TESTING 83HOPUP CONFIGURATION 84AEG ANATOMY: DEMO USING DEEPFIRE/CAA M4S 98AEG ANATOMY: DEMO USING VFC SCAR 104AEG ANATOMY: DEMO USING CYBERGUN GALIL 109AEG ANATOMY: DEMO USING ICS L85 115AEG ANATOMY: DEMO USING CYBERGUN THOMPSON 120AEG ANATOMY: DEMO USING TM PSG-1 125AEG ANATOMY: DEMO USING ACM PPSH-41 129EBB ILLUSTRATED: DEMO USING APS M4 132EBB ILLUSTRATED: DEMO USING APS AK 138EBB ILLUSTRATED: DEMO USING ACM PPSH-41 145EBB ILLUSTRATED: DEMO USING CYBERGUN GSG522 150SPLIT GEARBOX CONFIGURATION 152BULLPUP AEG CONFIGURATIONS 159RECOIL SHOCK AEG CONFIGURATION 184QUICK CHANGE SPRING SYSTEM CONFIGURATIONS 195HANDLING GEARBOX SCREWS 205OTHER TOOLS 208AIR SEAL 212BARREL PRECISION 217ELECTRONIC SWITCH ASSEMBLY EXPLAINED 219SWITCH CONTACT PLATE REPLACEMENT 222FET DEVICE CONFIGURATION 223HOME MADE FET LIKE SOLUTION 227BURST DEVICE CONFIGURATION 228CAPACITOR CONFIGURATION 229FUSE REMOVAL 230MORE ON BEARINGS 231MORE ON CYLINDER CONFIGURATIONS 234MORE ON BARREL LENGTH 237SPRING ROTATION AND SPACER CONFIGURATION 239ADVANCED BATTERY CONFIGURATIONS 241CHARGING NIMH CELLS 244USING LIPO 245HANDLING LIPO PACKS 250PROPER LIPO CHARGER CONFIGURATION 251CHOICES OF WIRE AND PLUG 255SOLDERING TECHNIQUES 259MOTOR CONFIGURATION 263MOTOR OPTIMIZATION 265TROUBLESHOOTING HOPUP RELATED ISSUES 269BULLET LOADING ISSUES 274SILENCING 275USING BALL BULLET SHOOTING CHRONOGRAPH 277FPS DOWNGRADE 280MOTOR DRIVEN MAGAZINES 281LEGAL RESTRICTIONS 283AIRSOFT TRADE DRESSING 284WHAT HAPPENED TO THE AIRSOFT INDUSTRY? 285Airsoft has been well established in Asia for over 20 years, but only in recent years has there been much interest in the Western world. At AirsoftPRESS, we produce technical information based on input from practicing engineers, technicians and field operators who have been with Airsoft since the era of S.S. 9000. Because we are part of the industry, we know what information is really needed, and we make sure our books tell what people really need to know. We do not mind to criticize thing that doesn't work, and we will not hesitate to give you hacks and workarounds to difficult problems. Reading this book should be like having an airsoft professional by your side, passing on useful hints whenever you get stuck.

246 pages

Practical Airsoft AEG Upgrade and Maintenance, 2011 Edition

Creator: Airsoftpress | Technology & Engineering - 2010-08-28

2011 edition - Before upgrading an AEG, it is suggested that you first define your upgrade objective(s).

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

About this book
2011 edition - Before upgrading an AEG, it is suggested that you first define your upgrade objective(s). What do you want to achieve? High FPS? High ROF? High accuracy? And how high is high by the way? The 2010 MAJOR UPDATE book is organized based on the primary upgrade objectives of high FPS, high ROF and high accuracy. In addition, a section on troubleshooting is included. We tell you what to do and what to avoid so you can achieve the best possible performance without spending all your savings. And we do not simply assume you have a particular model from a particular manufacturer. The extensiveness of the brands and mechanisms covered allows you to apply your know-hows towards almost all AEGs in the market. An easy-to-read Q&A format backed up with annotated photographs and diagrams whenever necessary would make this a valuable read. LATEST REVISION ALSO COVERS THE LATEST EBB (Electric Blowback) TECHNOLOGY.

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