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288 pages

The Gun Digest Book of the AR-15

Creator: Patrick Sweeney | Sports & Recreation - 2005-09-23

The interior of Airsoft firearms of the mechanical type use a gearbox to produce propulsion. The cheap, not-likely-to-last- very-long models use plastic gears, while the better ones use metal gears. The Olympic Airsoft M-4geryuses metal gears, ...

Publisher: Gun Digest Books

About this book
A Shooter's GuideNow you can become an AR-15 expert. Noted author and gunsmith Patrick Sweeney takes an inside look at an icon among American rifles. The AR-15 first became known to American shooters in the early 1960s. Since then is have become one of the most versatile rifles in the world, tackling everything from military and police operations to long-range target competitions.Sweeney's expertly written text and outstanding photography show you everything you need to know about understanding the AR-15 operating system and his dedicated group of testers honestly evaluate just about every rifle on the market. If there is something you want to know about an AR-15, you will find it here.

128 pages

Paintball and Airsoft Battle Tactics

Creator: Christopher E. Larsen, Hae-jung Larsen | Sports & Recreation - 2008-02-15

The ultimate resource for paintball and Airsoft combat, this book covers every aspect of MilSim strategy and tactics--basic individual and leadership skills, team drills, and intermediate patrolling operations.

Publisher: Voyageur Press

About this book
It can be as playful as a party game, or as dead serious as military training for a coming deployment. But whatever your approach to paintball or Airsoft, there are rules to learn, tactics to master, variations to discover, and equipment to consider. And in every instance, Paintball and Airsoft Battle Tactics has the answers. The ultimate resource for these sports so popular among weekend warriors and military simulators, this book helps novice players and veterans alike to hone their skills and sharpen their understanding of the art and science of MilSim strategy and tactics. Written by a military analyst with real-world experience training combatants around the world, this paintball and Airsoft tacticians bible refreshes and refocuses the military simulator, but it doesnt stop there. It also fosters, mentors, and challenges both the apprentice and the maestro with basic individual and leadership skills, team drills, and intermediate patrolling operations, covering all the necessities for waging paintball and Airsoft combat successfully at the small-team level.

Boobytraps, Fm 5-31

Creator: Department of Defense Staff | 2004-01-01

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