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105 pages

Validation of NEXRAD Products with Rain Gauge Networks


Overall, it is clear that the DSP product is range dependant; its rainfall estimation carries some errors due to the Z-R relationship power law. This product can be used for storm monitoring and flash flood warning.

Publisher: ProQuest

About this book
In the second part, a network of 50 rain gauges rainfall in the Upper Guadalupe River Basin were used to compare the DSP rainfalls from two radars, the KEWX radar at New Braunfels, Texas and the KDFX radar at Laughlin Air Force Base near Del Rio, Texas, for the period of September 2006 to May 2007. The rainfall data comparisons were examined based on different time scales: 6 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, and storm total, different distances from radar to gauges (from near range, middle range to far range), and different gauge elevations from 200 m to 700 m. It is found that there is a strong radar range dependence as previously found: underestimate in the near range ( 50 km) and far range (150 km), while overestimate in the middle range (50-150 km). The results found that at the storm total time scale that the DPS product offers a good rainfall estimation and detection, and that the correlation with rain gauges is the highest (KEWX R2 = 0.59 and KDFX R2 = 0.37); and the mean relative differences between gauges observations and radars estimates are the lowest (52% for the KEWX and 59% for the KDFX). It is found there is no gauge elevation dependence in the study area.

96 pages

Weather Instruments: Rain Gauges, Barometers, Humidity & Thermometers

Creator: Natalie Regier | Education - 2005-01-01

As a class, read over the jot notes on the rain gauge. Explain to the children that each day they will write a paragraph about a weather instrument. The children need to decide on the best order for the jot notes. Today, you decide the order as a ...

Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing

About this book
Weather Instruments: Rain Gauges, Barometers, Humidity and Thermometers, is a two-week language arts unit intended for use with Grade Two/Three children. It can be used to strengthen the children's reading and writing skills. Throughout this unit, children are involved in activities that focus their attention on language and how it is used. They brainstorm, use jot notes, write paragraphs, look up definitions in the dictionary, answer questions in complete sentences, and complete cloze activities. Each lesson includes a spelling activity, a brainstorming activity, writing a paragraph, looking up words in the dictionary, answering questions in complete sentences, completing a cloze activity, playing a weather instruments word game, and a parent page. This Earth Science lesson provides a teacher and student section with a variety of lessons, activities, crossword, word search, and answer key to create a well-rounded lesson plan.

429 pages

Surface Meteorological Instruments and Measurement Practices

Creator: Gyan P. Srivastava | Boundary layer (Meteorology) - 2009

The rain-gauges are invariably set in the ground. Irrespective of the differences in the aperture area and in the over-all construction of different types of non- recording rain-gauges, essentially these consist of (i) a cylindrical shaped collector ...

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

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Monitor rainfall totals with our precision rain gauges. Easy-to-read and accurate gauges catch rainwater and display total precipitation for the local area.

Rain gauge - Wikipedia
A rain gauge (also known as an udometer, pluviometer, or an ombrometer) is an instrument used by meteorologists and hydrologists to gather and measure the amount of ...

Rain gauge - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A rain gauge is an instrument used by meteorologists and hydrologists to measure precipitation (e.g. rain, snow, hail or sleet) in a certain amount of time.

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