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362 pages

Fast Food Nation, The Dark Side of the All-American Meal

Creator: Eric Schlosser | Business & Economics - 2012

Explores the homogenization of American culture and the impact of the fast food industry on modern-day health, economy, politics, popular culture, entertainment, and food production.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

About this book
New York Times Bestseller,   With a New Afterword “Schlosser has a flair for dazzling scene-setting and an arsenal of startling facts . . .Fast Food Nation points the way but, to resurrect an old fast food slogan, the choice is yours.”—Los Angeles Times In 2001,Fast Food Nation was published to critical acclaim and became an international bestseller. Eric Schlosser’s exposé revealed how the fast food industry has altered the landscape of America, widened the gap between rich and poor, fueled an epidemic of obesity, and transformed food production throughout the world. The book changed the way millions of people think about what they eat and helped to launch today’s food movement. In a new afterword for this edition, Schlosser discusses the growing interest in local and organic food, the continued exploitation of poor workers by the food industry, and the need to ensure that every American has access to good, healthy, affordable food.Fast Food Nation is as relevant today as it was a decade ago. The book inspires readers to look beneath the surface of our food system, consider its impact on society and, most of all, think for themselves. “As disturbing as it is irresistible . . . Exhaustively researched, frighteningly convincing . . . channeling the spirits of Upton Sinclair and Rachel Carson.”—San Francisco Chronicle “Schlosser shows how the fast food industry conquered both appetite and landscape.”—The New Yorker Eric Schlosser is a contributing editor for theAtlanticand the author ofFast Food Nation,Reefer Madness, andChew on This (with Charles Wilson).

488 pages

Unacceptable Harm, A History of how the Treaty to Ban Cluster Munitions was Won

Creator: John Borrie | Business & Economics - 2009

This story explains how the treaty was achieved through the “Oslo process”, a partnership of governments, international organizations and civil society.

Publisher: United Nations Publications UNIDIR

About this book
Cluster munitions saturate areas with explosive force. These weapons pose danger to civilians because they are prone to indiscriminate effect at time of use and because they create a hazardous residue of unexploded submunitions. In May 2008, 107 states adopted a treaty banning cluster munitions – a humanitarian and disarmament milestone. This story explains how the treaty was achieved through the “Oslo process”, a partnership of governments, international organizations and civil society. It examines why it took so long for the world to act, why it eventually did, and what lessons banning cluster munitions might hold for future efforts on a pressing challenge of our time: protecting civilians from the effects of explosive weapons.

354 pages

Facing the Heat Barrier, A History of Hypersonics

Creator: T. A. Heppenheimer, National Aeronautics and Space Administr | Business & Economics - 2009-08

Hypersonics is the study of flight at speeds where aerodynamic heating dominates the physics of the problem. It is an engineering science with close links to supersonics and engine design.

Publisher: Government Printing Office

About this book
Hypersonics is the study of flight at speeds where aerodynamic heating dominates the physics of the problem. It is an engineering science with close links to supersonics and engine design. Within this field, many of the most important results have been experimental. The principal facilities have been wind tunnels and related devices, which have produced flows with speeds up to orbital velocity. Why is this important? Hypersonics has had two major applications. The first has been to provide thermal protection during atmospheric reentry. Success in this enterprise has supported ballistic-missile nose cones, has returned strategic reconnaissance photos from orbit and astronauts from the Moon, and has even dropped an instrument package into the atmosphere of Jupiter. The second application has involved high-speed propulsion and has sought to develop the scramjet as an advanced airbreathing ramjet. Atmospheric entry today is fully mature as an engineering discipline, but work with its applications continues to reach for new achievements. Studies of scramjets still seek full success, in which such engines can accelerate a vehicle without the use of rockets. Hence, there is much to do in this area as well.

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How to Troubleshoot TrailBlazer Gauges | eHow
How to Troubleshoot TrailBlazer Gauges. If the gauges on the instrument cluster of your Chevrolet TrailBlazer are not functioning properly, there could be three ...

Trailblazer Speedometer Repair - Instrument Cluster Repair ...
Chevy Trailblazer speedometer repair, how to repair, parts, service, shipping, details

How to Remove and Repair A Chevy or GMC Instrument Cluster ... How to remove the instrument cluster from a 2005 GMC Sierra. This removal process is similar to other GM vehicles ... - Instrument Cluster Repair, Speedometer ...
How our repair service works: We'll be rebuilding your original instrument cluster so you'll need to remove it from your vehicle, package it up and mail it in to our ...

2005 Chevy Trailblazer Fuel Gauge broken - DoItYourself ...
2005 Chevy Trailblazer LS aprox 60k miles. Fuel Gauge broken. Sometimes gauge will work, then just drop down to empty. Just saw there are 24 complaints about this on ...


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  • Dr.Roc

    Dr.Roc GM Instrument Cluster Gauge Stepper Motor Repair Kit X27 168 ( 6 Motors,10 Backlight Bulbs,1 Soldering Iron,1 Solder Sucker,1 Remove Tool,Flux Rosin Core Solder )

    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dr.Roc)
    List Price: $31.59

    Used for the repair of the speedometer,tachometer,oil pressure gauge,transmission temperature gauge, battery voltage gauge, water temperature gauge or fuel gauge;Solve the common problems of your vehicles such as:gauges dead,chatter,sticking,false/ju mpy/inaccurate readings,pegged out to the left or right of the dial, ratchet up or down,sticky needle movement,erratic gauge movement etc
    Each gauges of your instrument cluster need one motor,since one stepper motor went out will result all the motors go out soon. check the stepper motor quantity of your vehicles to decide to buy the 6 or 7 one
    The latest generation,Premium stepper motors,quiet operation and reliability,Perfectly Replace for the older and faulty XC5-168, X15-168 ,X25-168 and X27-168 stepper motors that came in your vehicles,Use the tool on the upper left corner to check whether this product fits your vehicles
    Dr.Roc-Most trusted auto accessories expert,millions buyers' choice, excellent customer service with 12-month warranty
    It is easy to use,but you'd better to search the instructions Video on Internet first,which is very helpful

  • Partsam

    Partsam 4pcs Error Free Eyebrow Eyelid Light Led Bulbs Mercedes Benz C300 C350 C63 AMG

    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Partsam)
    List Price: $12.99

    IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!Please double check the compatibility before placing the order
    IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!Please make sure your car circuit is working well before installation, as the bulbs will be burn may occur if there is a current spike or volte leak in your vehicle after the new bulb installed, it is not the issue of Partsam product quality!!!
    IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!(1)Don't forget Risistors if flashing,Blinking or Code error problems occurrs!!!(2)If you bulb does not light or occurrs blinker, please check if your relay is broken and whether your socket is senescent or not.!!!(3)For 7443 and 3157,please raise the pin when installing the bulbs if your bulb does not light or occurrs blinker
    IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!If you are not sure your socket type ck or standard , please use the keyword (CK or Standard Test) on youtube ,the video will show you how to test the socket.( please check before placing an order , Our bulbs come with Standard Base(SK Type), NOT CK Type, put standard bulbs into CK type sockets , the bulb will not work or only the amber turns on while the white doesn't, also POP THE FUSE may occur.-- Most TOYOTA vehicle use CK socket.
    Bulb Size:Length:29mm, Width:10mm;Built-in Circuit for 12V DC Power Input; Each bulb 5 pcs 5050 SMD LED,?360 degree light output; Built-in CAN-bus controller, no bulb out error, no flickering; Cross reference parts#: T10 168 194 W5W etc.