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How do rain gauges anemometer

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Scientific American

Science - 1889

The register is also in connection with a cup anemometer mounted above the weather tower. Four hemispherical cups ... On the drum of this are inscribed the temperatures as determined by a thermometer in the weather tower. An aneroid ... _ A self-registering siphon barometer by Eccard and a Gibbons self-registering rain gauge also find a place in the office. The instrument ... It is built of iron, and forms a small elevated chamber, closed on all sides by iron louver work. To cut off any ...

405 pages

United States Export Almanac, A Comprehensive Presentation of American Products, Industries and Commerce in English, French, Spanish and German

Industries - 1889

The work was soon interrupted, to be resumed in 1832, when its vigorous prosecution commenced. ... In 1836 W. A. Burt produced the solar compass, by which the use of the magnetic needle was avoided. ... With improved graduating engines smaller circles can be used, and consequently smaller and lighter instruments. ... In its weather observations the Signal Service uses barometers and thermometers of several kinds, and rain gages, wind vanes and anemometers, the three latter ...

376 pages

The Climate of London, Deduced from Meteorological Observations

Creator: Luke Howard | Nature - 2012-05-10

Luke Howard published this work of statistics on weather conditions in London in two volumes, in 1818 and 1820.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


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