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204 pages

Popular Science


If you get a low vacuum reading while cranking, the fuel pump is bad and must be replaced. A weak fuel pump can cause decreased engine performance and a marked loss of power at higher rpm. (In rare cases, a worn lobe on the cam that ...

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132 pages

Outboard Engines, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair

Creator: Edwin R. Sherman | Transportation - 1997

Use it to find loosely mounted engine components such as starters, regulators, fuel pumps, and the like, before they fall off. ... A trim tab that feels loose in its mount can cause steering problems and may need adjustment. ... Faulty fuel pump. 5.

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

About this book
If like most do-it-yourselfers you've relied on a sketchy owner's manual or one of those abstruse shop manuals written for professional mechanics to keep your onboard running, here's an end to your frustration. This abundantly illustrated nonthreatening guide is filled with effective maintenance, repair, and advanced troubleshooting advice for two-cycle and four-cycle engines from 2 to 250 horsepower. Although outboard engines have become more reliable, they're also more sophisticated and require more than a passing knowledge of mechanics to troubleshoot and repair. Outboard Engines covers recent developments such as electronic ignition, oil injection systems, and four-stroke powerheads. Your fears about the reliability of your "finicky" outboard are over!

116 pages

Popular Mechanics


On fuel-injected cars with idle-speed control motors or idle air valves, consult your manual for instructions on idle-speed adjustment. Timing is ... In many cases , a bad accelerator pump will also cause difficult starting when the engine is cold.

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