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Symptoms of a bad fuel

Symptoms of a bad fuel pressure regulator - Bookshelf

528 pages

Auto Fuel and Emission Control Systems Technology

Creator: James E. Duffy, Howard Bud Smith | Technology & Engineering - 1992-02-01

When an air leak occurs between the airflow sensor and the intake manifold, the air-fuel mixture can become too rich. True or false? What symptoms might a faulty fuel pressure regulator create? Describe how to check a fuel pressure regulator ...

Publisher: Goodheart-Willcox Pub

Technician Guide to Automotive Emission Systems

Creator: For Industry Unbound, Unbound for Industry | Transportation - 1994-10-05

Mechanical Fuel Injection A list of the most common CIS symptoms and their probable causes is a logical beginning for ... Rough running or stalling during warm up should cause you to suspect the auxiliary air regulator, system pressure, and the idle speed and mixture adjustments. ... Hard starting when the engine is hot may be caused by a faulty hot-start relay (if present) , improper air sensor plate ...

Publisher: Delmar Pub

172 pages

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FUEL PRESSURE GAUGE Multiport-injetted cars have a fitting in the fuel rail to check fuel pressure. Use the ... We'll cover a variety of different types of problems, explain the symptoms that usually precede the shutdown, and provide some troubleshooting strategies. .... If pressure is now okay, the problem is the fuel- pressure regulator (the fuel meter cover on GM TBI units) or there is a ... On carbureted engines an overly rich condition is most often the result of a faulty carb float system.

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