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Preventing ozone cracking in

Preventing ozone cracking in rubber fuel lines - Bookshelf

1552 pages

Automotive Service: Inspection, Maintenance, Repair

Creator: Tim Gilles | Technology & Engineering - 2012-07-24

Figure 23.5 Transmission oil cooler hose and fuel hose look identical from the outside. Fuel line hose ... The fabric prevents the hose from expanding under pressure. ... The rubber outside layer of the hose can crack from ozone in the air.

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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The newly-revised 4th edition of AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE: INSPECTION, MAINTENANCE, REPAIR contains all the knowledge and skills necessary for a student to be successful in a number of automotive careers. This text covers all eight major course areas of automotive technology by progressing students through an introduction to shop management and then covering theories of vehicle systems operations with step-by-step procedures for trouble-shooting and repairing automobiles. Technically reviewed by instructors and industry experts, the 4th edition of this popular text is designed in particular for students enrolled in NATEF-certified programs. Updated and expanded content in this edition includes coverage of hybrid vehicles, HTHS viscosity ratings, latest coolants, ejector cycle systems, dynamometer, and turbochargers and superchargers.Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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fuel multilayer fuel tube contg. layers of polyamide and having impact resistance at low temp. and stiffness, 133: Р 3106646 ... use thereof, 132: P 138698j specific nitrile rubber/PVC blend-based fuel hoses with prevention to releasing agent penetration, 135: Р 372945“: ... hoses with acrylic rubber-contg. neoprene rubber outer layers for ozone crack resistance, 127: P 1630051: fuel hose with fluororubber ...

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He helped Douglas keep fuel in line MORRO CASTLE built by the Spanish Conquistadores, broods over its . . . perhaps he can help ... Ozone caused cracking in the rubber seals shordy after they were put in service. In fact, many of the seals ...

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