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320 pages

One Million Steps, A Marine Platoon at War

Creator: Bing West | Political Science - 2014-09-09

Battalion 3/5 suffered the highest number of casualties in the war in Afghanistan. This is the story of one platoon in that distinguished battalion.

Publisher: Random House

About this book
Battalion 3/5 suffered the highest number of casualties in the war in Afghanistan. This is the story of one platoon in that distinguished battalion.  Aware of U.S. plans to withdraw from the country, knowing their efforts were only a footprint in the sand, the fifty Marines of 3rd Platoon fought in Sangin, the most dangerous district in all of Afghanistan. So heavy were the casualties that the Secretary of Defense offered to pull the Marines out. Instead, they pushed forward. Each Marine in 3rd Platoon patrolled two and a half miles a day for six months—a total of one million steps—in search of a ghostlike enemy that struck without warning. Why did the Marines attack and attack, day after day?     Every day brought a new skirmish. Each footfall might trigger an IED. Half the Marines in 3rd Platoon didn’t make it intact to the end of the tour. One Million Steps is the story of the fifty brave men who faced these grim odds and refused to back down. Based on Bing West’s embeds with 3rd Platoon, as well as on their handwritten log, this is a gripping grunt’s-eye view of life on the front lines of America’s longest war. Writing with a combat veteran’s compassion for the fallen, West also offers a damning critique of the higher-ups who expected our warriors to act as nation-builders—and whose failed strategy put American lives at unnecessary risk.   Each time a leader was struck down, another rose up to take his place. How does one man instill courage in another? What welded these men together as firmly as steel plates?   This remarkable book is the story of warriors caught between a maddening, unrealistic strategy and their unswerving commitment to the fight. Fearsome, inspiring, and poignant in its telling, One Million Steps is sure to become a classic, a unique and enduring testament to the American warrior spirit.   Praise for One Million Steps  “West shows the reality of modern warfare in a way that is utterly gripping.”—Max Boot, author of Invisible Armies   “A gripping, boot-level account of Marines in Afghanistan during the bloody struggle with Taliban fighters.”—Los Angeles Times   “One Million Steps transcends combat narrative: It is an epic of contemporary small-unit combat.”—Eliot A. Cohen, author of Supreme Command   “A blistering assault on America’s senior military leadership.”—The Wall Street Journal   “A heart-pounding portrayal . . . a compelling account of what these men endured.”—The Washington Post   “Stunning, sobering, and brilliantly written.”—Newt Gingrich   “One of the most intrepid military journalists, Bing West, delivers a heart-wrenching account of one platoon’s fight.”—Bill Bennett, host of Morning in America   “Bing West has reconfirmed his standing as one of the most intrepid and insightful observers of America’s wars. . . . One Million Steps reveals the essence of small-unit combat, the very soul of war.”—The Weekly Standard   “A searing read, but it is one that all Americans should undertake. We send our sons into battle, and few know what our warriors experience.”—The Washington TimesFrom the Hardcover edition.

288 pages

Voices from Vietnam

Creator: Richard Burks Verrone, Laura M. Calkins | History - 2005-03-01

SUPPORT PERSONNEL There was a variety of support jobs in the rear that kept the men on the frontline going. ... The men and women who worked these jobs took great pride in what they did and in their contribution to the overall war effort. ... was an Air Force mechanic on the all-important workhorse C-130 transport airplanes, the principal supply aircraft of the war. ... I was aircraft general, which meant you service the whole aircraft: fuel system, hydraulics, any of the fluid systems.

Publisher: David & Charles

About this book
From the Vietcong's guerrilla war, the Tet offensive, the Easter-Offensive and Christmas Bombing to the dramatic reactions of the public to the unsettling media images of war, this is a unique insight into one of the most thought-provoking wars of our times. Using David & Charles has been given unique access to the archives of The Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University, allowing Voices from Vietnam to be a rare opportunity to understand the conflict through the experiences of those involved.

318 pages

Inside Cyber Warfare, Mapping the Cyber Underworld

Creator: Jeffrey Carr | Computers - 2011-12-09

This updated second edition takes a detailed look at the complex domain of cyberspace, and the players and strategies involved.

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

About this book
When the Stuxnet computer worm damaged the Iranian nuclear program in 2010, the public got a small glimpse into modern cyber warfare—without truly realizing the scope of this global conflict. Inside Cyber Warfare provides fascinating and disturbing details on how nations, groups, and individuals throughout the world increasingly rely on Internet attacks to gain military, political, and economic advantages over their adversaries.This updated second edition takes a detailed look at the complex domain of cyberspace, and the players and strategies involved. You’ll discover how sophisticated hackers working on behalf of states or organized crime patiently play a high-stakes game that could target anyone, regardless of affiliation or nationality.Discover how Russian investment in social networks benefits the KremlinLearn the role of social networks in fomenting revolution in the Middle East and Northern AfricaExplore the rise of anarchist groups such as Anonymous and LulzSecLook inside cyber warfare capabilities of nations including China and IsraelUnderstand how the U.S. can legally engage in covert cyber operationsLearn how the Intellectual Property war has become the primary focus of state-sponsored cyber operationsJeffrey Carr, the founder and CEO of Taia Global, Inc., is a cyber intelligence expert and consultant who specializes in the investigation of cyber attacks against governments and infrastructures by state and non-state hackers.

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