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Popular Science


Cost: about $14 By John Ingersoll and Charles E. Rhine IF YOU'RE sick of paying big bills for fuel oil every winter, you'll ... that you have to reduce the amount of fuel oil going into the furnace by putting a smaller size nozzle on your oil burner.

236 pages

Popular Mechanics


OIL FURNACES seem to have a malicious streak. ... Since almost all home oil burners are of the high-pressure, nozzle-atomizing type that's sketched at the top of the next page, they'll all have similar parts, even ... Hold the disconnected end of the tube over a waste rag or small container to take the fuel oil which will run out.

176 pages

Popular Science


L I □ I I HOME HEATING SECTION Burner adjustments to cut fuel costs High- efficiency oil burner has flame-retention head to ensure more even ... Both nozzle size and pump pressure determine the amount of fuel that flows into the furnace.

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Fuel Oil Furnace Nozzle and Parts - Keith Specialty - Your ...
Oil Burner Nozzles by Delavan. We stock Delavan brand nozzles. Delavan oil nozzles may be substituted for Hago, Sid Harvey, and Monarch brands.

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104,400 btu lowboy oil furnace, airflow:upflow, 86500-104400 btu range with a 0.60 thru 0.70 gph nozzle, 1466 cfm, for use with burners, riello model 40f3 or beckett ...

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Fuel is injected into the combustion chamber by a spray nozzle. The nozzles are usually supplied with high pressure oil. Because erosion from friction with the oil ...

Waste Oil Burning Furnace Conversion -
converting a furnace to burn waste oil ... As I right this web page it's been about a year that I've been running the furnace on waste oil.

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If you are considering the purchase of a fuel oil furnace, there are a number of things you should be aware of. Visit Guide 2 Furnaces today to learn more.


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