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226 pages

World Fuel Cells, An Industry Profile with Market Prospects to 2010

Creator: Graham Weaver, Roisin Reidy | Business & Economics - 2002

There are now over 40 companies involved in the development of PEM fuel cells, as shown in Table 2.2. Japanese companies, in particular, have increased their R&D efforts in the past few years, particularly focusing on portable and ...

Publisher: Elsevier

About this book
The first edition of World Fuel Cells - Market Prospects to 2010 examines the development of the fuel cell business to 2010. The report analyses the trends in markets, technologies and industry structure and profiles all the major players. World Fuel Cells - Market Prospects to 2010 includes a fuel cell industry overview, market figures and forecasts to 2010, with analysis, a review of fuel cell technology, company profiles of key fuel cell developers and a directory of manufacturers. The market report is designed to assist with business plans, R&D and manufacturing strategies. It will be an indispensable aid for managers responsible for business development, technology assessment and market research.For a PDF version of the report please call Sarah Proom on +44 (0) 1865 843181 for price details.

204 pages

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Creator: International Energy Agency, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development | Business & Economics - 2004

Currently, over 100 UK companies are contributing to the creation of the global fuel cell industry. The knowledge and expertise of the UK industry spans the full commercial value chain, from R&D to systems integration, and from finance to ...

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

About this book
Hydrogen and fuel cells are vital technologies to ensure a secure and CO2-free energy future. Their development will take decades of extensive public and private effort to achieve technology breakthroughs and commercial maturity.Government research programmes are indispensable for catalysing the development process. This report maps the IEA countries current efforts to research, develop and deploy the interlocking elements that constitute a hydrogen economy, including CO2 capture and storage when hydrogen is produced out of fossil fuels. It provides an overview of what is being done, and by whom, covering an extensive complexity of national government R&D programmes. The survey highlights the potential for exploiting the benefits of the international co-operation.This book draws primarily upon information contributed by IEA governments. In virtually all the IEA countries, important R&D and policy efforts on hydrogen and fuel cells are in place and expanding. Some are fully-integrated, government-funded programs, some are a key element in an overall strategy spread among multiple public and private efforts. The large amount of information provided in this publication reflects the vast array of technologies and logistics required to build the hydrogen economy.

152 pages

Stationary Fuel Cells: An Overview

Creator: Kerry-Ann Adamson | Science - 2010-07-07

As has been outlined in Chapter 1, PEMFCs are low-temperature units, normally operating under 90°C, and SOFCs are high-temperature units, normally operating over 800°C. 4.3.2 Main companies involved in fuel cell mCHP PEM- based ...

Publisher: Elsevier

About this book
Fuel cells are, according to some, the answer to the future problems of energy resources. Rather than solve those problems alone, they will doubtless form part of a growing group of alternative energy sources such as wind, tidal, photovoltaic and nuclear sources which will reduce our dependence on oil. Stationary fuel cells are the kind used mainly for home, office and large-scale power plants. For those seeking a current overview of stationary fuel cells, their status and applications, market developments, market players, economics and future potential, this is where to look. Not a purely engineering textbook, it is designed to provide potential adopters of fuel cells with the information needed to make sensible decisions, and as such it is unique.*Expert summary of current and future status*Decision-making aid for non-engineers*Increasingly important fuel source

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