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412 pages

Recent Advances in Plant Biotechnology

Creator: Ara Kirakosyan, Peter B. Kaufman | Science - 2009-07-30

Since ancient times, ethanol has been used for lamp oil and cooking, along with plant and animal oils. Before the US Civil War, many US farmers had alcohol stills that could turn crop waste into virtually free lamp and stove fuel.

Publisher: Springer Verlag

About this book
The primary purpose of this book is to tell the reader what plant biotechnology is all about - progressing from its roots in the basic sciences to its current applications in the biological and agricultural sciences, industry, and medicine. These widespread applications signal the fact that plant biotechnology is increasingly gaining in importance. This is because it impinges on so many facets of our lives, particularly in connection with global warming, alternative energy initiatives, food production, and medicine. The book also addresses the fact that some aspects of plant biotechnology may have some risks. These are covered in the last section.The individual chapters of the book are organized according to the following format: chapter title, chapter outline, introduction to the chapter, chapter topics and text, conclusions and references cited for further reading. This format is designed to help the reader grasp and understand the inherent complexity of plant biotechnology better.

244 pages

More Houlihans and Horse Sense

Creator: Vernon Schmid | 2007-09-12

Legal Stills Miss Susan and I were having lunch with her farmer Uncle Leon and Aunt Dorothy in Garnett, a little town in ... Ethanol has three positive aspects . One, it is good fuel and two; it is a market for corn producers; three, ...

About this book
In this gathering of columns and articles, Vernon Schmid touches, provokes, gouges, tickles, and challenges his readers. A United Methodist pastor, and author ofWaties Wolves(iUniverse, 2007), he has been a horse trainer, ranch hand, wrangler, Rocky Mountain trail guide, radio announcer, country, rock-a-billy, folksinger and educator. His first novel,Seven Days of the Dog, was a Heekin Group Fiction Finalist and his collection of poetry,Hog Killers and Other Poemswas a Northwoods Poetry Prize winner. A member of the Western Writers of America, his popular magazine column Horse Sense appears monthly in theNational Foundation Quarter Horse Journalwith readers in the all 50 states and 24 foreign countries.

532 pages

New Transportation Fuels, A Strategic Approach to Technological Change

Creator: Daniel Sperling | Business & Economics - 1990-04-04

By fall 1980 over 6000 permits had been granted by the Treasury Department ( although only a fraction were ever used to build and operate stills).55 Ethanol was once again promoted as a "home-grown" fuel — as a renewable fuel that would ...

Publisher: Univ of California Pr

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Ethanol fuel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ethanol fuel is ethanol (ethyl alcohol), the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It is most often used as a motor fuel, mainly as a biofuel additive ...

this alcohol fuel still is based on types from the turn of the twentieth century when alcohol stations competed with gasoline stations.

Ethanol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ethanol also commonly called alcohol, spirits, ethyl alcohol, and drinking alcohol, is the principal type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, produced by the ...

Homade Ethanol Still Cheap Fuel - YouTube
This is me making ethanol from my still. This still is capable of making around 100 gallons of ethanol daily. If you want one made contact me. steino_1@ ...

Continuous fuel ethanol still - YouTube Continuous fuel ethanol still is real continuous still that is capable to produce 95% spirit continuously, please note that this ...


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