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202 pages

Solar Still for Ethanol Fuel

Creator: Mark E. Bucci | Alcohol as fuel - 1985

412 pages

Recent Advances in Plant Biotechnology

Creator: Ara Kirakosyan, Peter B. Kaufman | Science - 2009-08-15

Ethanol can be used in automobile engines as a replacement for gasoline ( Agarwal, 2007). It can be mixed ... However, the Industrial Age caused many farmers to move to city jobs, leaving their farms and ethanol fuel stills behind. Despite this ...

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

About this book
Plant biotechnology applies to three major areas of plants and their uses: (1) control of plant growth and development; (2) protection of plants against biotic and abiotic stresses; and (3) expansion of ways by which specialty foods, biochemicals, and pharmaceuticals are produced. The topic of recent advances in plant biotechnology is ripe for consideration because of the rapid developments in this ?eld that have revolutionized our concepts of sustainable food production, cost-effective alt- native energy strategies, environmental bioremediation, and production of pla- derived medicines through plant cell biotechnology. Many of the more traditional approaches to plant biotechnology are woefully out of date and even obsolete. Fresh approaches are therefore required. To this end, we have brought together a group of contributors who address the most recent advances in plant biotechnology and what they mean for human progress, and hopefully, a more sustainable future. Achievements today in plant biotechnology have already surpassed all previous expectations. These are based on promising accomplishments in the last several decades and the fact that plant biotechnology has emerged as an exciting area of research by creating unprecedented opportunities for the manipulation of biological systems. In connection with its recent advances, plant biotechnology now allows for the transfer of a greater variety of genetic information in a more precise, controlled manner. The potential for improving plant productivity and its proper use in agric- ture relies largely on newly developed DNA biotechnology and molecular markers.

686 pages

Biotechnology - The Science and the Business

Creator: Derek G. Springham, Vivian Moses, Ronald E. Cape | Medical - 1999-08-24

Botanicals, mixed in the correct proportions, are loaded into the still together with spirit diluted to about 50% ethanol. ... Ethanol was used in the 19th century as an industrial solvent and as a fuel for cooking, lighting and heating. Before World ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
Biotechnology has not stood still since 1991 when the first edition of Biotechnology - The Science and the Business was published. It was the first book to treat the science and business of technology as an integrated subject and was well received by both students and business professionals. All chapters in this second edition have been updated and revised and some new chapters have been introduced, including one on the use of molecular genetic techniques in forensic science. Experts in the field discuss a range of biotechnologies, including pesticides, the flavor and fragrance industry, oil production, fermentation and protein engineering. On the business side, subjects include managing, financing, and regulation of biotechnology. Some knowledge of the science behind the technologies is assumed, as well as a layperson's view of buying and selling. As with the first edition, it is expected that this book will be of interest to biotechnology undergraduates, postgraduates and those working in the industry, along with students of business, economics, intellectual property law and communications.

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