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343 pages

The Business of Speed, The Hot Rod Industry in America, 1915–1990

Creator: David N. Lucsko | Business & Economics - 2008-10-07

Howard's Cams, Norden, Algon, and Scott all had systems in the works by 1959, as did Enderle by mid-1960 (Bob Pendergast, “New Fields in Fuel Injection,” HRM, February 1959, 28–35, and “Meet the Manufacturer: Enderle Fuel Injection, ” ...

Publisher: JHU Press

About this book
Since the mass production of Henry Ford’s Model T, car enthusiasts have been redesigning, rebuilding, and reengineering their vehicles for increased speed and technical efficiency. They purchase aftermarket parts, reconstruct engines, and enhance body designs, all in an effort to personalize and improve their vehicles. Why do these car enthusiasts modify their cars and where do they get their aftermarket parts? Here, David N. Lucsko provides the first scholarly history of America’s hot rod business. Lucsko examines the evolution of performance tuning through the lens of the $34-billion speed equipment industry that supports it. As early as 1910, dozens of small shops across the United States designed, manufactured, and sold add-on parts to consumers eager to employ new technologies as they tinkered with their cars. Operating for much of the twentieth century in the shadow of the Big Three automobile manufacturers—General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler—these businesses grew at an impressive rate, supplying young and old hot rodders with thousands of performance-boosting gadgets. Lucsko offers a rich and heretofore untold account of the culture and technology of the high-performance automotive aftermarket in the United States, offering a fresh perspective on the history of the automobile in America.

AMC Muscle Cars : Muscle Car Color History

Creator: Larry G. Mitchell |

A CMC 6-71 blower and Enderle fuel injection sat on top. The motor produced 1,200 brake horsepower, spun to 9,000 rpm, and burned a mixture of alcohol and nitromethane. The car initially ran a 4.10:1 rear gear set and tipped the scales at  ...

160 pages

How to Hotrod Volkswagen Engines

Creator: Bill Fisher | Transportation - 1970

FLAT-OUT RACING INJECTORS Constant- flow fuel injectors— the type pioneered by Stu Hilborn of Fuel Injection Engineering —are available for the VW for about $300 per system. Both Hilborn and Enderle Fuel Injection make the units for ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
Describes procedures for redesigning the body and tuning, modifying, and rebuilding engine systems for increased performance.

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