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144 pages

EFI Conversions, How to Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection

Creator: Tony Candela | Transportation - 2014-06-16

To achieve top performance from an EFI system, it’s not a simple bolt-on and plug-in procedure. This book takes the mystery out of EFI so it’s not a black art but rather a clear working set of parameters.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
 Converting from a carbureted fuel system to electronic fuel injection (EFI) improves the performance, driveability, and fuel economy of any classic vehicle. Through a series of sensors, processors, and wires, it gathers engine and atmospheric information to precisely deliver the correct amount of fuel to your engine. With a carburetor, you must manually adjust and change parts to adapt it to differing conditions and applications. Installing a complete aftermarket EFI system may seem too complex, but it is within your reach by using the clear and easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions. You will be able to confidently install the correct EFI system in your vehicle and enjoy all the benefits. A variety of EFI Systems are currently available--throttle body injection (TBI), multi port fuel injection (MPFI), stack systems, application specific, and special application systems. Author Tony Candela reveals the attributes of each, so you can select the system that's ideal for your car. Author Tony Candela explains in exceptional detail how to install both of these systems. To achieve top performance from an EFI system, it’s not a simple bolt-on and plug-in procedure. This book takes the mystery out of EFI so it’s not a black art but rather a clear working set of parameters. You are shown how to professionally install the injectors into the intake system as well as how to integrate the wiring into the main harness. In addition, each step of upgrading the fuel system to support the EFI is explained. The book also delves into integrating ignition and computer control with these aftermarket systems so you can be out driving rather than struggling with tuning. Turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous applications are also covered. A well-installed and -tuned EFI system greatly improves the performance of a classic V-8 or any engine because the system delivers the correct fuel mixture for every operating condition. Get faster starts, better fuel economy, and crisp efficient performance. In EFI Conversions: How to Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection, achieving all these benefits is easily within your reach.

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